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Hello everyone! Jiji here to tell you to please give our precious Dae some love. As you know there are some issues with people being rude to idols with a darker skin tone than most and its definitely not okay to be rude to people with darker skin or any other color skin for that matter.
As you see, Daehyun posted two photos, one showing his beautiful skin tone and then the same photo but edited to lighten his skin. Our idols need to know that no matter how dark or light their skin is, we love them no matter what. So please send Daehyun and any other idols some love. Every idol is beautiful no matter what and they should hear that and see that in comments.
I hate stuff like this soo much , one he's not even dark his skin tone is still very light , 2 the fact that people are mean to him to the point he has to photoshop his pictures is absolutely horrible I love Dae hyun and he is perfectly fine the way he is
This drives me up the wall.. B.A.P is life.. He is beautiful inside and out.. He is very talented and sexy.. People need to get over themselves..
@ChaErica my bby is beautiful no matter whatever
this is the second idol I have seen in 2 days that is having with issues with people saying something about their skin color. it pisses me off that they have to apologize and feel hurt by comments people have made to them. they are beautiful and amazing just how they are! 💜💙💗 I love these boys they be who they be and let no one tell them they aren't great the way they are.
@daljiyong I think we all understand every country will have its different beauty standards and there's nothing wrong with that. We can all respect that. But there's a difference between admiring someone's beauty and shutting down someone else's because it doesn't meet their standard. It'll be the same if an American will criticize another American for being pale which trust me, I had my fair share of being teased for being on the paler side. Not fun..... So we all understand, we just don't want others to be mean. At least I don't, haha.
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