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"I'm heading out master!!" (Heading out I take my car to the store. Entering I pull out my list with food we need on their.) "I'll need milk and eggs for the cake I'll make". (I get that first then look for the next thing which is things for dinner.) (After getting everything for dinner I decide some for everyone.)"I think that's all oh drinks of course". (Okay I was done so I pay for the food then get in my car..I put my seat belt on and start to drive.) (I was at a red light and it soon turned green so I started driving again when I get rammed from the side by another car. My car went out of control hitting a pole.) (Trying to move my legs I couldn't my left leg was broken and my right arm was to but all I could do was think of the prince.) (Suddenly the door open and I was getting pulled out along with the food that was unharmed.) Your gonna be okay stay with me okay. "G..get that to the prince and tell him what happened". We will hey someone give this stuff to the prince and let him know what happened okay!!! (Once I heard that I closed my eyes and drifted off conscious.) -Meanwhile At the Princes- "Where is she..she should be back" (the doorbell rings and I answer it personally.) My lord a young lady got into a car accident but wanted us to give you this. (I look to see groceries then I think about all of what he said.) "Nae!!" Sir? "Here you watch the house I have to go take these and put them away". (I quickly close the door and asks the gentlemen to take me to the hospital where she is. We later arrive at the hospital and I go up to the counter.) "Excuse me I'm looking for a young lady that came in from a car accident". She's in room 20 go on in. "Thank you". (On my way to the room I text everyone that she's in the hospital and her room number as I enter.) "Yui!!" Sir she's in a coma we don't know how long she'll be like that but we just have to wait till she wakes. "Yui I never should have let you go out alone I'm so sorry". (Crying I sit next to her holding her hand when the boys come in.) We got here as fast as we could... OMG Yui!! (They all yell running over to her.) Yui wake up please I'll never leave your side again. (Jeonghan, Hoshi, Mingyu, and Dino all start crying.) "She's in a coma I'm so sorry it's all my fault". No it's not it's not any of our faults let's just be here for her okay. (Jeonghan says.) Look me, Woozi, and Wonwoo will go get food I'm sure everyone hungry. (Vernon says.) (After everyone came back we talked about sleeping arrangements.)Theres some beds in here some of us can sleep here and in the next room. "Okay well me, Hoshi, Dino, Mingyu, the8,Jun and Joshua will be in here. Vernon, DK, Wonwoo, s.coups, Woozi and Seungkwan will be in the next room". "Get comfortable it's gonna be a long night. Wow this is something anyway let's see how the next few days go until next time carats Annyeong. @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding
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@BrennaHarding yeah I had to mix it up
It's so good! I love it!
@BrennaHarding Thx this is my first story I ever put on vingle so I'm happy you like it
chapter six is about to be posted
I can't wait!