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So as you guys should know by now Bobby and Mino are going to be a duo! Im super excited for this! I mentioned that Bobby is one of my fave rappers! He's got so much swag and charisma! and he can spits like fire. Mino just had that that chill type of swag to him that just pulls you in. Lol I hope you guys know what im trying to say They are both doing solos as well! So get hyped up peeps! Both of them just got that swag that makes you want to listen!
Here is Bobby performing on Show me the money! #YGGR hiphop
Ain't he a beauty
One of my fave songs, Okey dokey!!!
uggh he's another one
So what do you guys think??? Which one is your favorite? Bobby or Mino? Or do you like em both?Comment below and let me know! I personally love Bobby more! But im super excited for there duo! They are both very talented rappers and very good looking! Haha at least we can die happy! Tagging: @Passthesuga
Both are my bias's so I'm super excited!!!
I love them both, they both happen to be within my top five rappers in kpop