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Like today I keep on taking the same gym. Everytime it turns red or yellow I take it over and leave it open. People were getting so angry. Expecially the four valor trainers that I took it from because all I heard was 'who the fuck keeps doing that? ' Then they look around it was funny and here is me sitting on the rocks, smiling and looking at the ocean. and let me tell you their faces was priceless.
If you people don't know I'm team mystic and I'm one of those people who dont get the point of taking over gyms. but I love taking them from other teams.
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@TerrecaRiley Hahaha go right ahead
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@ctsr1 I'm pretty sure too
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@AllieGrabowski the life of a plebian is a hard one
a year ago·Reply
@nicocoup sorry to hear that but if it makes you feel better it's no fun in Ohio either.
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