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Hello Lovelies I'm back again with another installment of Leader Gukkie Thursdays. Today I will share with you a few of my fave songs of his!
Bang YongGuk - AM 4:44. This song is just full of feels. Watch it with caption trust me.
I just love this song.
One of his more known songs. This one is featuring Daehyun. I love both version.
Last 2 are his songs when he was known as Jepp Blackman and part of Soul Connection and also he was the Maknae in that group lol.
God I love this man. Please I hope you enjoy.
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mine can't either.
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I really enjoyed this card. TBH I've really heard of him before. He's very talented rapper. ❤
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he is.
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tag me pleaseeee!!
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will do @lafe578
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