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okay so I gonna backtrack a little bit and go to Monday night with Jenni! now I'm also going to be Ranting away on the morning show my myself (as in Jenni is lol) about a topic that was brought to my attention lately and today I had just had it, was like no no Jenni's gonna rant about this for a moment. so I hope you all don't mind, if you do sorry to do so. yes I'm updating the tag list for a few chapters! so sorry once more about that!
Monday night Jenni left a little before Sarah did to meet up with Namjoon. She wanted to go to a bookstore and he said he would go with her. They  met at the bookshop outside.  Jenni was there slightly before he was but had been good and waited outside for him. He gave her a hug before they went inside.  "Sarah has her date tonight?" He questioned. "Hmm. I don't really want to talk about sarah tonight can we just leave that topic alone?" Jenni asked as she walked down an aisle. "Sure, do you like books?"he changed the subject as he followed her around the aisles. "Yup. I am horrible in a bookstore though.  I explore, get to many books, and loose track of time" she looked back at him and smiled. "Its one kind of shopping I enjoy doing" she added. "There is alot to see" he said. "Do you like books?" She asked. "Yea, if I have time to sit and read I try to" he said. "What's your favorite kind of book genre?" He asked. "Thats hard, I read just about everything "she said looking up at the signs on the ceilings and steed reading those too she saw one that was romance and went I  that direction.  Oh my all her favorites Jenni thought looking at was on the book shelves "Romance,  paranormal and horror oh god this is my dream collection" jenni said skimming her fingers over the shelves. Namjoon chuckled next to her. "Thats a different combination. I'm into horror and sociology " he said "something about getting inside a person's brain and understanding what a thought came from or why they did something " he went deep into explaining that for another couple more Minutes as Jenni picked out to books to hold onto. "So are you one of those people who would want to read minds?" Jenni asked. "You've asked me that before" he said after staring at her. "And again my answer is no" he added making her smile. "You want to check out the travel section?" She asked moving on. "Sure" he shrugged. With a shake of her head she went to go find it. Along the way she stumbled on the supernatural section and got a book  about faeries, it looked fun and interesting.  When they got to the travel section she looked through them . "Oh I wonder if I can find a book about Norway" jenni said. "You want to go to Norway? Why?" He questioned.  This was tricky, if she was with Sarah she would just say cause we've  seen bon voyage and let it go,but that really wasn't the only reason. "I fell in love with the scenery of Norway,  Sweden, and Iceland so I've been dying to go. I have a friend of a friend who lives in Norway, in Sweden my other friend who lives in Spain took amazing pictures and I was so jealous I want to go. And Iceland well duh northern lights and glazers" jenni recapped her reasons. "You want to travel around the world" he chuckled. "Easy to tell right? She laughed. "Oh if only I was rich then I could go to all these places" jenni said as she skimmed her fingers over the books. "What's funny is I already have told Dom I'm not good a stealing" she started and the shop owners face looked up from the desk making her laugh. "Im not going to. Like I just said I'm not good at it" she told him then turned to Namjoon.  " But yea I had this conversation which all started with the charger in my purse. But I realize I can't hack into anything and I highly doubt I could learn without breaking a computer in the process so I can't even make money off that or figure out how to get my way on a plane. So I never gonna be rich and able to go where ever  I want too A-ha that's where I was going with it. I lost track" jenni wrapped up her speech. "That sounds very interesting,why don't you just tell me where you want to go and maybe we'll plan a trip" he said. Alarm bells went off in her mind. Trip? Together? Oh gosh that was fast. "Why don't we stick with a trip to the froyo after this?  Hmm that's far enough in the future I can manage" she said setting her 3 books on the counter to pay. "Although I am going to Arizona next week " she commented. "You are?" He sounded shocked,  "I haven't been to see my brother since before I moved here." jenni told him. "Altho I love Niki  I think the first thing I want to do is go get Sushi with her and catch up" jenni told him "Are you going because we're going to kcon in LA?" He questioned. "No, in fact I didn't even know til boss man told us. He was gonna have us cover that but oh well since we'll be gone" jenni shrugged.  "Froyo!" She pointed.  They both dropped the subject and moved on to other books they were interested in then to music and movies.   It was refreshing just talking like this with him.
a pic of Namjoon then of the books that Jenni got!
The next morning, Jenni got up and ready for work, she found a note on her door from sarah saying she went MIA.  A slow shock went to freak out mode as she called her several times but her phone was off.  At the studio Sarah wasn't there and Jenni was forced to do the morning show on her own. "Good morning! Today you lovely listeners just got Ruby chatting to herself in your ear. Oh gosh call me so I don't sound like a lunatic talking to myself! Wait I do that on a daily basis this might not be to different after all" jenni opened the show up. Right away there was three callers. Each one asked about Diamond and if she wasn't feeling well or for once she overslept. People seemed to really notice and care. That was good to hear at least.  Jenni talked about random things before she saw several notifications on her phone, there was several that had a similar topic. Jenni went into a slight rant in her head while a song played then stared at her Mic.  " Alright beautiful people out there! So I just saw a topic that made me see red. It seems there is a thing going around about skin color out there. I for one don't care if you're white, yellow, black, tan, red, orange, purple. If you love yourself you shouldn't let people make you feel bad about what you look like and it seems if you get in the lime light people think they have the right to judge you and drag you down. I may sit behind a mic and you just hear my voice,  hello I've even gotten comments about how  I sound like a school boy " jenni stopped and chuckled she actually thought she had a husky voice even as others have told her it's actually very feminine  and high pitched. "Me a little boy, nope I'm all female here, anyway I getting slightly off track. So idols and their skin tones, apparently some of them have already apologized for having a tan or to dark of skin, others are changing pictures to make them look pale. Okay come on so they have to be a freaking albino to have people not say crap to them, oh deary" jenni laughed, '" cause you know we find them so unbelievably appealing, I for one want to get up on that" jenni laughed oh her sarcasm was coming out. "Okay okay in all seriousness, if any of you Boys are listening I just want to say one thing before I wrap this up!" Jenni got serious and stared at her mic, "You guys are beautiful who you are, no matter what negative things someone says you have so much support behind you and backing you up! Don't let anyone make you feel bad for who you are and what is unique about yourself, you are perfect the way you are and lastly you be who you are and let no one tell you, you are a not amazing!" Jenni concluded. She said it all in such a rush that she had to take a couple deep breaths afterwards. The Lights went up on callers, there was so many, all lit up. "So we have a little bit of time left so we'll take a couple calls and see what people are thinking after that speech of mine" jenni pressed number 5 "your on what are you thinking on this issue caller?" She asked "I know exactly what your talking about! I won't say names. I can't believe people are making them feel bad about their skin color! It's summer these boys are outside alot or its natural but that shouldn't mean it's bad. I just want to show my support and love for them!" The girl  said.   There were a few more who expressed their support for the boys. "Alright we have time for one last caller," jenni said hitting a switch. "Your on with Ruby" she said. "Ruby, I love you so much right now" that was a famaliar voice. . . " Im so happy you agree that I am amazing! Thanks for reminding me everyone! " he said. "Is that you Tae?" Jenni questioned "It is! It is" he said happily "I was feeling down about this for a while so thank you for showing your love for me!" Tae said making Jenni chuckle.  "Tae you are a perfect specimen you stay just the way you are! And for the other idols who are having similar experiences the same goes for you " jenni said adding in that he wasn't the only one, "There is more people?" Tae said shocked. "Yes tae there is anyway were coming to and end so Tae we gotta hang up with you" jenni said "Okay! Bye Ruby!" He said before hanging up. "How is it almost every time we get to hear someone from bts call in lately?" Jenni questioned herself on air "but then that's pretty awesome! Alright everyone I'm gonna leave you with a song that feels appropriate at this moment, have a listen and I'll  see you back here  at noon!" Jenni said. She played the song A little braver by new empire. After the show Jenni left the booth feeling a little lighter getting some of her rage out. "Good show. How'd you know about that last issue though?" Julia asked "I got a few notifications off different sights. I got a lot of people who like to put things up like this " jenni said. "I wasn't to sarcastic about that whole albino thing was I?" She asked. "No though with that skin color that kinda bordered me wanting to laugh and not take it serious but you got all serious on this topic. Don't see that often" she said Jenni shrugged. "Its a serious matter" jenni said. " Alright I need to get going, see if sarah showed up at home or not" jenni said. She left after that and went to the apartment.
Outside Dominic and some of his friends were outside, keeping watch. "Did she come home yet?" Jenni asked Dominic.  "She came back a little while ago, was in a bad mood" he said. "Might want to stay away for a little while" he warned making her sigh. "I'll give her an hour " she told him. "Hey Jes" one guy called out to her. "You gonna race with us tonight?" He questioned. "I don't know. Maybe " she shrugged "Let me know, I'll be your first partner" he laughed it made her shudder. " not on your life" jenni called out as she walked away with a wave over her shoulder for Dominic. After walking around a bit Jenni went back to the studio instead home, sarah thankfully was there and they did the show together. fast forward to Tuesday Night (in case anyone got lost on time cause I sure did lol) There was no destination she was going just walking around and getting out. Jenni wanted to walk around a bit, she wondered if anyone would join her.  Pulling her phone out she stopped walking and sent a message to Namjoon and another Jimin.   he was supposedly her best male friend, maybe he'd hang out with her. Namjoon messaged her first. Joonie :I have my sister in town Jenni stared at the screen, he had a sister omg she hadn't known that. Jenni : okay  that's fine spent time with her,  I'll  see if someone else wants to walk around with me.  I was just bored by myself and thought of you. So maybe Jimin would take her up and come out. Joonie: who? He just sent a word,  what was that about? Joonie : Where are you at? "Oh my god, what is he thinking?"Jenni questioned out loud   she got a couple looks from people around her. Suddenly there was a phone call from Joonie. She answered after the first couple seconds Hello" she answered. "Are you walking down the street by a ramen shop?" He questioned. Looking around she noticed she just passed one, "Yea, Joonie your not driving are you? " She questioned making him chuckle " No I was already out with my sister and I thought I saw you" he said "Oh okay well yea I think you did, where are you?" Jenni asked "Behind you" he said.  She turned to see him standing there with a shorter girl. They hung up their phones and looked at each other. "Hi" jenni said "Sis this is Jenni, I met her through work" Joonie said to his sister "So she knows your in bts?" She asked "Yea I actually had him on my radio show a while back" jenni said cheerfully. "Radio show?" She questioned "Yea me and my friend do a show on KYI Ruby and Diamond on air! Literally!  " Jenni said  the look that crossed her face  was a cross between a smile and her trying to control her feelings, the smile won out. "I love your show,  any time I can listen to it I do.  Omo are you Ruby or Diamond? " she asked "Ruby" she said questionably. "I love your segments.  You have gotten me to love panda's so much " she said. "And that conversation you had with Got7 was so funny.  I was so happy that they went on the show. They needed to do something uplifting after what happened in the U.S" she went on. Jenni was Starting to feel uncomfortable as the girl continued on about some of the conversations she could remember. Finally Namjoon cut her off, covering her mouth with his hand. "Okay that's enough. Jenni gets you are a fan" he said. Jenni just nodded. "Did you want to do something? " Namjoon asked Jenni   dazed she looked at him. "Um I was just going to get lost around the area" she said looking around her. "And you wanted company?" He seemed confused "Nevermind  I should head back anyway. Dominic said there is a race tonight I might just go to that" jenni started talking. "Hey what was with this mornings show? Diamond wasn't on it" the girl said. "Mina" Namjoon said saying his sisters name. He looked interested though. "Nah, it's okay she wasn't feeling well this morning and stayed home " Jenni said making up a good excuse. Sarah had just been no where to be found, just a note telling her she needed time alone. "Is she okay" she said looking sad. "she's still not the best" jenni said "a bit cranky " she added.  "Oh I bet I know what would cheer her up " mina said brightly. Jenni looked at Namjoon to figure out what to say but he only shrugged. "What could that be?" Jenni questioned intreged. "Go on" she said. "Cookies!" She grinned. Jenni wanted to laugh but had to hold it in.  Oh what to do, what to do. Should she go with it? "I don't think that's a good idea" Namjoon said looking at Jenni. "No I think it's a great idea!  I think some soup  would be good too " jenni added. "Oh can I please please bring her cookies with you?" Mina asked. " yea I think that will cheer her up" jenni told her.  "Lets go shopping for some cookies and soup" jenni  said. So they went to the nearest grocery store and went in search of food. Mina looked at all the cookies trying to decide which ones to choose. Namjoon was being an observer but he finally had a moment to talk to Jenni with his sister being distracted. "Do you think this is a good idea? " he questioned "Having Sarah meet a fan of the show. No" jenni laughed "No I meant bringing cookies when she's fighting with a guy named kooki" he pointed out  Jenni tried not to laugh but it just slipped out.  "Oh it definitely is but one this'll be amusing and two she deserves it for fighting with me on air the other day. Plus she almost got me to fight with you " she pointed her finger at his chest when she made the last comment. "Fight with me? " he seemed confused.  Probably cause there was no fight. "Yea she made me doubt trusting you for a while but then I shrugged it off and thought I was reading to much into her words and let it go" jenni explained "So we are good?" He questioned unsure. "Oh yea were good" jenni nodded. " How about sugar cookies?" Mina interrupted them and asked. "Oh my god, That sounds perfect" jenni nodded. " you are evil " namjoon said next to her. "No I just have a diabolical side" jenni repheased his words making it sound better. "Remind me not to get on your bad side" he mumbled making her laugh. They left the grocery store, Mina was talking a  mile a minute filling in the silence,  okay even so there wouldn't have been silence between them. When they got to the apartment Dominic was there but thankfully his friend wasn't  she gave a wave and went up.at the doorway Jenni paused in going in and turned to look at mina. "There is one thing you should know before we go in" jenni said cheerfully "What's that?" She asked "You cannot mention the word Kookie" jenni said. Namjoon barely covered his laugh at that. “ What?  But I brought Cookies!" She cried out. There was a sound of a lock turning and then the door opened showing Sarah standing there. "Jenni!" She called out then looked surprised to see other people too. "Namjoon!" Sarah said then saw the girl "This is Mina" jenni said as she moved to walk into the house  Sarah moved back and the other two followed. "She is a huge fan of our show. She noticed it was just ,E this morning and asked about you  so I brought you soup "And I brought you cook- ah uhm treats" the girl caught herself. Sarah stared dumbfounded. "Kooki isn't here right?" Sarah asked looking out into the hallway. "No I just met up with these two a little while ago " jenni said "Kooki! Oh I love him, he's so nice to me" Mina said excitedly. Sarah looked at Jenni then at Mina. "Look what she brought, you like them don't you?" Jenni sounded like she was teasing Sarah.  she glanced down to see packaged sugar cookies. Jenni knew under that fake smile she was glaring at her. Mina continued to talk about how great Kooki was and then switched gears to gush over Diamond and meeting her in person.
so I had to make up a name for namjoons sister cause I couldn't find her actual name so surprise! did it shock you? you see where it's going now don't you I couldn't go further because I know Sarah got something planned for the next part . @SarahVanDorn where you gonna go with it!
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@SweetDuella Yea man I have to know what happens next lol!!!!
So Namjoon actually has a sister?
So the mystery is solved lol It was just Joonies sister! Hmmm I guess kid sister has a Lil crush on our Kookie. Let's see how Sarah deals with it.
@mrsax2018 lol oh my I see your ensuring it by following the story Sry I saw that and was like oh yes, fan! love it!
@SweetDuella Thanks😁
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