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It is now being reported that QB Michael Vick is distancing himself from Nick Foles for the starting QB position. Vick has supposedly been "tremendous" and is built for the Chip Kelly offense. Vick may be in line for a vintage Vick season.
I think Vick was always going to take it.
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I have to agree with you @curtisb.
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@johnlee do you think Colin capernick is a younger version of Vick being that he is a double threat in terms of passing and running with the ball?
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@takashi02 I feel like Kaepernick is different from Vick because he is so much bigger than him. I think you would have to compare Kaepernick more to Cam Newton but a better passer. The new Vick would have to be RG3, but RG3 already seems like a better passer than Vick ever was.
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Hmm thats true. Vick could never throw the longball like RG3.
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