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Okay so I have no idea why but I felt like attempting Korean idols faces. I was laughing so much while doing it because I can make some pretty funny faces but sometimes it is hard to make a certain face. So some of these are failed attempts but I think I did pretty well for my first time. You guys should try this too. It is so much fun. Especially if it catches on and you gives try to. Warning: My face hurts but it was totally worth it! Well.... Here we go!!!
Face #1 I tried XD! I think I could do better though.
Face #2 I sort of put these two together because I can't tell which one of my faves looked more like one of them. Their faces were sort of similar to do the second time was just harder for me to do again.
Face #3 Not as good because less face it no one can be GD XD. I can always try to look cool in glasses ^_^.
Face #4 So... Yeah, it is hard to keep my eyes open but there was a funnier out come at first. Hongki's face kills me! Why are faces so fun to do XDD?!
Face #5 Try I must. Try I did. My lips are not small enough.
Face # 6 This is getting to hard. I can't do it ah hahaha!
Face #7 I wanted to do this cuz I love Jackson!
Face #8 I did it! Pretty much. It is hard to keep my eye half way open for long and I had to take the picture within the 3 secs it was open.
Face # 9
Face #10 Can't do it for the life of me seriously! Jackson is too unique and that's why he is awesome. Don't change Jackson >_.
So that is me trying to make Korean idol faces. Wow it is really hard. I can only imagine how much they practice all these different facial expressions. It takes time. Or maybe it is because I am not korean. Not sure but my face needs a break now so I am gonna play so Asagao Academy now. Hope you guys liked this. Maybe I will do it again if you guys enjoyed this. Also enjoy the face swaps in pics above I did as well, it was very silly and follow me on snapchat:Musiciskpop Good day to ya'll!!!!
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