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haaaave you met, Throg?
Character summary: Simon Walterson - former football player, philanthropist, and snack giver to the homeless - lost his wife, and turned to Mystics and fortune tellers as an outlet. Probably bought a Magic 8-Ball, too. Like any fortune teller, the visions don't come cheap, and ol' Simon was down to pennies and pocket lint. One day he was unable to pay a mystic, so she turned him into a frog. We've all been there before. So, like any new frog, he goes to Central Park where he stumbles across one of the many wars between Frogs and Rats, saves the frogs, gets a cool new name (Puddlegulp), and encounters a few more rats that were in hiding. Puddlegulp finds a sliver of metal from Thor's hammer - chipped off by one of Thor's goats - has trouble lifting it, gets it up a little, and when it hits the ground, Simon "Puddlegulp" Walterson is endowed with the power of Thor and becomes THROG. That's two new names in just a few hours as a frog - not too shabby. @KennethKalgren @zwdodds @JelliBelli111 @redapple615 @AdekolaOmole @FreeWill666 @DustinAtkinson @Boggleman @AshelyJewell @TonyjJohnson771 @NickDiaz @BelleofRay @TensaZangetsu98 @ellias777 @Raavaan @TheDumDumTroll @trickyfinger @BryanFritz @ShonA @EstefanOlivares @JimTurpen @Danse @BeannachtOraibh @AkashBhojraj @loftonc16 @ComicGeek94 @wolpht @SparkRIDE @shelbiisonfire @HaleValkyrie @AllieGrabowski @djdoubl3up @AleciaReedy @chuyslim @EmilianoMacias @InPlainSight @gabrielpgalindo @BrunoDutch @TwiztidSpider @ladytanbone @ShonA @kuzuri96 @ChrisSantiago @RaquelArredondo @jannellvillanue @MajahnNelson @DavidPap @ItsMeSlim @culversyanne @JonPatrickHyde @TyTruth @nenegrint14 @TiffanyWallace @Lushisushi @nberry1620 @BlackoutZJ @sarahpjane @PGLIFE @ChrisSantiago @Ssj4Otakudude @humairaa @VoidX @Thatperson512 @Lizzeh @IvanDiaz @matildajgarrett @DaiGakuSei @RositaGamboa @Ensuno @ButterflyBlu @ReadAnimateSwim @jennygirl @ChosenKnight @CloeySuess @bluerose101 @LadyExperiment @VixenViVi @GinTenma @LilMcGriddle18 @CristelaLoz @Starbell808 @shantalcamara @GinnaL13 @VeronicaArtino @Beeplzzz @MarySEW @zaperz @a042797 @faihimeyuri @MollyTruitt @Jak91 @DianaBell @ALEXCAMACHO @KathyGarcia @MelissaGarza @Silverfang @AlexAckerman @Melodicballoon @TravisCobbs @RogueLeigh @cardboardart @KaiTakashima @jevonlowery @DanRodriguez @purplem00n23 @JJthealphamale @NobleKnight151 @wwedavid791@noWaifuNoLaifu @hhead232 @KingGummy @jeffpeterrutan @Bakuman247 @LigerP @AnnaDodd @GeraldIngraham @ArcticFox95 @ScriptedSoldier @SydneyHogg @OrionMasters @twistedreaper6 @bud113 @SamSpangler @ChaoticJae @FannyWard @SamratGolhar @LigerP @JuanVillarrealR @grewellerivera @MarshallLeeXD @JavierReyes180 @AlidaGarman @Chrisingularis @Taieshaboo @zSage13 @SasiaWalz @ebethoven @AlishiaDavis @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK @LadyLuna @SamTheMallow @BelleofRay @mellyortiz @redapple615 @ThePervySage @ShinigamiSan
@LAVONYORK Are you ready for a Throg/Spider-Pig team up movie?
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He was also part of the Avengers Pets team.
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Throg sounds like a real hero 馃槀
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@justjimturpen you read my mind about the cross over
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Oh man! I adored Throg! (Random side note; My cousin has a Throg tattoo. Smh lol)
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