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so I have a question for the vingle family, can you guys recommend dramas for me to watch? here is a list of one's I've seen exo next door to be continued click your heart descendants of the sun masters sun doctors oh my ghost let's fight ghost w-two world's and luhans the witness and some others that I can't remember off the top of my head I'm in desperate need of new dramas so any thing yall suggest is fantastic
I don't know if you've seen some of these but here's my list: Angry Mom Beating Again Panda and Hedgehog Heartstrings Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Flower Boy Next Door Coffee Prince The Queen's Classroom I Hear Your Voice Love Rain Beautiful Man Fated To Love You Pinocchio Let's Eat (both seasons) OhMyGod (Yixing's movie^^) Pasta Those are only a few I can think of, but if I think of more I'll recommend them 😅
The Taiwanese community crew put together really awesome drama directory! So, if you like watching Taiwanese dramas. There are a bunch of suggestions here:
@Astrohelix thanks I'll check them out! rn I'm watching blood I just finished watching the 4th episode of w-two world's you should check that out