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Simon and I spent all of last night, cuddling, if I was cooking food for us to eat. He was in awe, that I could cook, and admitted it made him fall even more in love. I couldn't help but smile the whole time.
He even picked a movie we both ended up loving so very much. When I woke up this morning, Simon had lay out one of his shirts for me to wear. He claim it was big enough to be a dress, which I just though it was an excuse to get him to see my panties.
I just stood there in the towel, with my wet hair dripping along my back. I was staring at the shirt, and I kept thing, he was forgetting I was thick chick. Big thighs, big booty, with abs mix with a belly. There was no way this was gonna be a dress on me.
There was a knock on the door, as I heard him lean against it. "Are you dressed yet?" I looked at the door, before glancing back at the shirt. "Kiseok oppa~ Why no pants? This is not gonna be a dress." I heard a light laugh, as the door made the creek again.
It was telling me, he stop leaning on it. "You want to sleep together, but you won't let me see you in my own shirt with your panties." He teased as I snarled at the door. I knew it, he was being bad. "Well then lets play and you can."
Two could play this game, and there was no way I was gonna lose. "And I thought I was bad, when it came to sex." I giggled softly, after opening the door to poke my head out. "I'm worse because I haven't had sex in about eight year."
I looked at me in shock, and his jaw dropped. "You're kidding right...and your twenty-four?" I nodded my head after looking around a bit. "I'm not kidding, I always had my head in a book, if not focusing on my career."
Simon toss the pants to the wall and storm over. I squeal and back away from the door. He push the door wide open, as I held my towel close to my body. I felt my body tremble for the first time in ten years, as he stood there in the door way.
"You're being hundred percent, honest? You haven't had sex since you were seventeen?" I blinked, and gulped, as I felt my legs pressing together so they would remain stable. Simon's eyes gloss over with pure animalistic lust, that was making my heart race.
"You win, I'll give you want you want." I could feel that my lips were curled up in a smile the whole time, since he threw the pants. "K-kiseok oppa..." This was the first time ever I felt like someone's prey.
He noticed by the tremble in my tone of voice. "Oh now you're timid? Now you're fragile? What scared I'm gonna hurt you?" I shook my head, while he got closer to me. "Oh I get play like your bad, but you're shy."
I looked down and smiled, whilst hugging the towel closer to my body. "Can you blame me, haven't even been seen in a swimsuit since high school. I'm not use to showing my naked body to anyone but myself and my doctor."
When I look up, he was right there in front of me. The lust in his eyes had become tamed, but it still threaten to take over at any moment. "Don't worry, I wouldn't do anything you didn't feel comfortable with."
His arms wrapped around my waist, as he pulled me close. "I know that, i-its just... I d-didn't think that would trigger this." He winked as me, before his peck my lips lightly. "Question is... are we going to commit to this idea, or keep being sexually frustrated."
I had one hand let go of the towel, to touch his cheek. "Depends, are you going to be a bad boy or a good man?" He smirked as I felt a tug on the towel. "I can't be both?" He pull the towel completely out of my grip, making me squeal once again.
I hid my face on his shoulder, and gripped his shirt, as if it could hide my body. I felt his hands graze over my butt, whilst laughing lightly. "Aw, honestly, I like seeing this side of you. You are adorable." I whimper into his shoulder, as he took a handful of my ass in his hands.
"Says the man that his fondling my booty." I felt his hands move down a bit. My arms instantly wrap around his neck, the second he lifted me up by my thighs. He made me sit on the bathroom counter, whilst making sure my legs were on each side of him.
"That not the only thing I plan to play with." Simon's lips attacked my next, whilst I held onto his shirt. A moan had escape my lips, and bit my lips to hold back anymore. It was hard to though, since he touch was setting my skin on fire.
I had chills going down my spin, making my will power become weaker. Simon knew what he was doing, as his hands explore my bare body. His hands glided up from my thighs, over my waist, and fondle my chest.
I had become a mewling mess, and he was enjoying it. Simon made my legs wrap around his waist, before making sure my arms did the same around his neck. "Lets take this to the bed." He pick me up with ease, as if I was a feather.
Simon had no problem carrying me to the bed, and lightly lay me down. I let go of him, so he could pull off his shirt. I covers my face with my hands, using my arms to cover my chest, and crossed my legs. He chuckled, as I felt a hand smoothly glide along my tight.
"Say the word, and I'll stop right now. Cause one we get started, no going back." I balled up my fingers, so I could look up at my shirtless Adonis. He was gently rubbing the side of my thighs, as his way of getting me to relax.
I took a deep breath, as I knew I wanted to be with him. I just needed to over come my shyness. He as going to see my completely naked eventually. I wrapped my legs around his bare waist, and pulled him closer.
He chuckled as he rest both hands on east side of me. I wrap my arms around his neck, and ran my fingers through his hair. "As long as this is what you want my love." Simon was so sweet to me, and it made me melt. His lips brush against mine, allowing me to taste his sweetness.
Simon's hands had found their way to my side, as I felt my body feel warm slowly. Whilst, my tongue toy with his, as got ready to make the stars appear for me, with one movement. He had me feeling like I was in heaven, and it was making my decision clearer now. I couldn't think of my life without him now.
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@MarrickeJ33 yes he's very bad