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While I wouldn't call myself a "seasoned cosplayer" I can offer some advice and tips on cosplay.

#1: Don't Worry!

When you're preparing your cosplay you might feel that it will not be as good as everyone else's. Don't worry, you first cosplay will not be your best, but the more you do it the better it will become.

#2: Planing is key!

Planning is NOT optional! Before buying things for your cosplay you should make a list of everything that you will need for the cosplay. This can help you organize your thoughts and get all components of the cosplay done. Planning can also help you manage your money. Spend some time beforehand to find out how much everything will cost. This will allow you to budget and hopefully afford the cosplay.

#3: Ask for Help

Preparing a cosplay can be overwhelming. Don't be afraid to ask your friends or parents for help.

#4: Have Fun!

Have fun while cosplaying! I've met lots of great people while cosplaying. Going to cons and meetups can help you make friends and give you a great experience! ☻