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I like Britney but I have never been a fan of her fashion... Especially what she wears when she goes to church.. lol Although the lace top with the tight skirt might be a good ensemble.. i don't think it's appropriate for church.. XD
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@takashi04 I'm also not sure.. maybe @blairwitme knows? XD.. although i'm guessing kind of a misplaced muscle of some sort.. XD
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@shoenami @takashi02 i also don't have any idea, lol maybe her belly piercing?
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That first outfit...that dress. It's so freaking, what's the word...unflattering! It really emphasizes what it should not.
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@Yinofyang who makes them, right?
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@YinofYang @blairwitme I don;t even know what goes on her mind when she bought this!.. moreso when she decided to wear this in church.. XD
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