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Yes, another reason why the next Spider-Man movie is going to be leagues better than the Tobey Maguire one.

Who do you guys think the best Spider-Man is? Tobey, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland?

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@danidee It does actually!! I'm sure there are plenty more odd little things that would jump out considering the age of the film. You know what always bugged me? All of the scenes where he's swinging through the buildings always felt like I was watching a video game cut scene vs a Hollywood film 馃槀
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@MzDawson31508 That's how I feel about a lot of different Marvel movies tbh.
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Mmm Hmm! Agreed!
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@MzDawson31508 Part of me wondesrds if they do that on purpose so they can market related video games eventually.
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Tobey if only I could forget spiderman 3
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