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Hello folks. I am here to grant you something worth wasting your time on. . . . It is partially this:
But mainly this:
Okay, I'm really excited about this one. I think it's creative and AH WHAT A HARD DECISION BUT I GOTCHU YO. :"^) The member I would trade places with, is...


And not even just because he's attractive.
That's right.
Let's go over this, shall we?
He likes playing basketball and baseball.
He's quite good at, not only singing, but also business affairs (can't say everyone is gifted with that sort of useful skill) Plus he's done this:
And gone through this:
Annddd... he's friends with an array of celebs! MBLAQ's Joon, IU, CN Blue's Yonghwa, and Rainbow, to be specific. Prolly many more too. Imagine the connections he has!
There's probably many more reasons I'd trade places with him, but I'll save him that wonky exchange so he doesn't look in the mirror and scream when he doesn't see his own beautiful face.
Thanks for tuning in!
I Chose Kyung So that I could be with Zico. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
@YongRaviZiMon Good choice 馃槃
I know you're gonna yell at me for not doing the challenge again lmao BUT I pick Zico because I want to produce music, be close to members, express myself like him, have connections to people like AOMG and YG artists (imagine the collabs!?) I want those lips even if just for a day, and I want to spend a little time with my bro Taewoon and let him know that I love him and support him. So yeee :) be
by the way I could totally see you as Jaehyo xD is that strange? I dunno you guys are similar in some ways so *shrugs*
@TheEnlightment Bro I was thinking the same thing. We do have a lot in common :0