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Hello, everyone. Chapter 6 is here. YAY! Just kidding. But I'm really so happy that people are enjoying my story. I will continue to do my best to not disappoint. I'm thinking of maybe trying to update everyday instead of every other day. I'm managing to stay ahead with my editing. Let me know what you think. Maybe I'll start after the Tanabata Festival finishes since it's gonna keep me pretty busy this weekend.
And now for the usual:
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in {} and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 5
Word Count: 2594
Warning: May contain mild language.
Rose’s POV
The rest of the day seemed to drag on. I went back to my study and tried to start working on the book again. I should’ve been able to do a few more chapters, but my thoughts kept drifting. Normally, I liked the silence, it made it easier to work. But after the boys left, it seemed too quiet and just…off. It was like I was trying to cook something, but I was missing the main ingredient. {Those boys really have a way of getting into your heart}. They’re what I imagined having a whole bunch of little brothers felt like. But not like my brother. My brother, though I loved him, was a pain in the ass. {The little punk}. I really liked having the boys here. At the same time, now I had trouble getting back into the story I was writing. It was my first full book and the publisher wanted it soon. {UGH! Snap out of it. Back to work. You already lost half a day}. But it wasn’t really a loss. It was nice having such sweet people to hang out with again.
It had been about a month since I worked with GOT7 and Seventeen, two months before that had been EXO, and the month before that had been Bigbang and iKon. Each of boys had been super sweet. Especially Jackson, Mark, and JB in GOT7, D.O. and Chanyeol in EXO, and Daesung and Seungri in Bigbang (though Seungri was an even worse shameless flirt than Jimin). The other boys were polite, but I think I intimidated them a little bit. GOT7 and BTS were probably the most comfortable with me. But no one had been to my house before. It made it feel a little different. {Plus Yoongi was here this time. That changes everything}. I couldn’t get his smile out of my head. The memory made me smile. I shook my head trying to rid myself of my thoughts. {Get back to work}.
I managed to type for another 10 minutes before my thoughts started drifting again. His smile popped up in my head again. I shook my head again. {He doesn’t like you like that. He said he wants to be friends, that’s all. He really is a nice guy, he was just worried about the other boys getting hurt by getting too close, too fast. He was probably worried that I was just another person who would try to use them. He’s very protective of them. It’s admirable. That’s the type of person he is}. I started smiling again. {C’mon! I’m getting nowhere on this book. Get your head back where it’s supposed to be}, I chastised myself and continued working.
I finished a chapter and allowed myself a short break since I kept getting distracted. I had just laid down on the couch when I heard my phone buzz. I groaned and made my way back to the desk. Laying back down, I opened my phone. It was a text.
Joonbug: “How’s everything going? Miss us yet?” {What the hell? Who’s ‘Joon-bug’?}
I text back: “Who’s this?”
Joonbug: “I even put my name on there for you.” {What? Who is this? Who was in my phone?} Then I realized—Namjoon. I had let him use my phone to call the fast food place and told him the lock code. Then I left it in the living room when the food arrived. {Joonbug? Really?}
Me: “Namjoon. You messed with my phone?”
Joonbug: “Yep.” I scoffed at his boldness. “I had to be able to talk to you somehow.”
M: “You were just here. We talked. And we’re all going to see each other on Monday.”
J: “That’s not what I meant. I want to talk to you. Just you.” {What in world does that mean?}
M: “Ok. Did you need help with something?”
J: “Yeah.”
M: “Ok. With what?”
J: “I’m bored.”
M: “Really? You have six other guys there, how can you be bored?”
J: “Yoongi-hyung’s asleep and the other guys are playing video games.”
M: “So why don’t you join them?”
J: “I’d rather talk to you.” I laughed. {He really is adorable}.
M “About what?”
J: “Everything.”
M: “Well, that’s not very specific.”
J: “I know. I’m just bored. I know you’re really smart and I just wanted to have a philosophical discussion with you. On anything. The boys get annoyed when I talk about anything past surface-level observations.” I laughed again. Every A.R.M.Y. knows about how philosophical Namjoon likes to be. That was actually one of the many things I admired about him.
M: “Well, I’m not nearly at your level, but I can try to keep up.”
We spent the next few hours messaging each other about random things. Some were more philosophical and some were just silly things. It was actually really enjoyable. There were some things I wasn’t familiar with in Korean so we were switching back and forth between English and Korean. Even though it meant I wasn’t working on my book, I didn’t care. It was nice. I mean, I always have Nina and Julie to talk to, but they’re also not the philosophical types.
I’M BACK!!! AND I BROUGHT DINNER!” I heard Nina yell from downstairs and the front door slammed shut. She probably bought a ton of stuff and of course has to bring it all in in one trip. I think every girl does that. Heaven forbid we make more than one trip. I got up and stretched and slowly made my way downstairs still texting. “Hey. Help me with the food.”
Yep. One second.” I replied not taking my eyes off my phone. I finished sending the text and looked up. Nina was just staring at me with a mischievous smirk on her face. “What?”
Who’re you texting?” she sang.
Namjoon. Why?” {That’s weird, she’s not usually nosy}.
Namjoon? The one who speaks English?”
Yeah.” {And?}
OOOOoooooo.” She sang again, wiggling her eyebrows.
What? Don’t say it like that. We’re just talking. As friends.” {What’s with this girl? She does this with any guy I meet}.
Riiiiggghhhttt. Friends. He’s cute and he obviously likes you.”
As a friend.”
Nina face-palmed herself. “You are one of the densest people I know. I was only here for a few hours, but even I could tell that he likes you.”
You say that about almost every guy I meet.”
That’s because almost every guy you meet likes you. You have one of those magnetic personalities. It’s just too bad it’s wasted on you. I could’ve had so much more fun by now.” She nudges me suggestively.
You are so gross. And wrong. Believe it or not, a guy can talk to a girl without wanting to sleep with her.”
Not many. Besides, I don’t mean that he immediately wants to jump into bed with you. It’s have a way of making people feel comfortable around you. Just look at you and me. Who would’ve thought we’d make the best of friends?”
That last part is true at least,” I laughed.
It’s true, ok? That’s why you have to be careful. People with your personality also catch the attention of bad people. People who want to take advantage of naïve people who are too nice for their own good. And that much, you really do know.” I looked down trying to not let those thoughts back in. My phone buzzed.
And there you are,” she continued, breaking me from my thoughts. “You have your very own prince messaging you.”
Oh shut up,” I retorted as I opened the text. I paused my texting as Nina and I ate so that we could talk about random stuff. After dinner, I sat on the couch in the living room and went back to my phone.
J: “That’s what I’ve always said.”
J: “Still there?”
M: “Yeah, sorry. Nina came home and we were eating dinner.”
J: “Oh, fun! Anything good?”
M: “Just pizza.”
J: “What a coincidence! That’s what we’re eating right now.” He attached a picture of his plate.
M: “Small world, huh? And I thought your manager didn’t let you eat all that junk food.”
J: “Today was a ‘cheat day’ I think it’s called.”
M: “Ah, so you guys were just trying to scare me earlier, huh?”
J: “Maybe a little ;)” And then we started another long discussion. After about an hour, I received a weird text from him.
J: “I’m so sorry.” {That’s out of left field. What’s he sorry for?}
M: “For what?” All of a sudden, I received a flood of texts from unknown numbers.
Narrator POV
Yoongi woke up from his nap. It had only been a little over an hour, but he didn’t want to sleep too much or he might have trouble sleeping tonight/tomorrow morning. He stumbled out to the living room where the other boys were taking turns playing Mario Cart. He rubbed his eyes and sat down on an open chair. He looked around and noticed Namjoon was missing.
“Where’s Namjoon?” he asked. The boys were too involved in the game to realize he had come out. He poked Jungkook and asked again. Jungkook broke his gaze away from the TV and started looking around.
“Hm? I don’t know. He was sitting where you are when we started playing. I didn’t even realize he had left. Sorry hyung.” Yoongi directed Jungkook’s attention back to the TV. He sat there for about 30 more minutes before he decided to look for him. Not in the kitchen, not in his room, the car keys were still there… {Where is he?} He decided to look out in the backyard. It was small, but sometimes one of the boys liked to fall asleep in the shade of the building next to them. He saw Namjoon laying down. But he wasn’t sleeping. He had his head propped up in the lounge chair and was on his phone. Maybe he’s scrolling through the social media. He liked to check up on the articles about the group every now and then.
Yoongi was about to head back in when he heard the text tone from Namjoon’s phone. He turned back and saw a broad smile appear on Namjoon’s face. {Who is he texting? That’s not his regular smile, that’s the smile he usually has when we all hang out somewhere have some sort of crazy fun. Who’s he texting?} Yoongi quietly walked along the back wall trying to be sneaky without looking like it in case he got caught. Namjoon was too caught up responding to the text to realize that Yoongi was even there. Yoongi reached the head of the lounge chair just and Namjoon was finishing his text. He looked at the contact name. ‘Athena’. {Athena? Who’s Athena? I thought he liked Rose and here is texting some girl. A girl he obviously likes}.
“Who’s Athena?” Yoongi asked in a way that would scare Namjoon without seeming like he meant to.
“What the—?!” Namjoon flew out of the chair, almost falling flat on his face. “You scared the hell out of me, hyung!”
“Sorry. I thought you heard me. I called your name by the door,” Yoongi lied.
“Oh, sorry. I didn’t hear you, I was kind of doing something.” Namjoon calmed down and returned to the chair. He put the phone face down on his lap.
“I see that. So who’s Athena?”
“Nothing to worry about.”
“Yeah,” Namjoon fidgeted. Normally, Yoongi didn’t pry about things. He usually left people to their own devices because he said that it would then be fair when he asked other people for privacy. It made Namjoon a little nervous. {Why do I need to hide it? It’s not like he likes her. So I’m not going behind his back or anything. But why am I being so defensive? I guess I just like being the only one who knows about us texting. As soon as the boys find out, two things are gonna happen. They’re going to ask why I have her number. And they’re going to ask why they don’t. I don’t feel like dealing with that. It’s nice having her to myself}.
“Ok.” Yoongi shrugged and walked back inside. {That was weird}, Namjoon thought. He was distracted by the sound indicating that he received a new message. He went back to his phone.
He didn’t realize how long he had been texting until Jin stuck his head out to tell him that dinner was here. He was glued to his phone as he came inside and started dishing up. He sat down at the table, pizza in one hand, phone in the other. If he had bothered to look up, he would have seen the look the other boys were sharing. He didn’t even realize how quiet they were. He finished dinner and headed to his bed. He continued to text as he plugged the phone in. He didn’t even notice when, after a long while, the boys started coming into the room one at a time. He still didn’t notice until Hoseok grabbed his phone mid-text. He shot up and grabbed at the phone and missed.
“Hyung. Give it back.” Namjoon grabbed at the phone again.
“Who have you been texting all day?” Hoseok held the phone away.
“I haven’t been texting all day,” Namjoon answered, avoiding the question. Hoseok handed the phone to Taehyung.
“You’ve been texting almost the whole time since we got back.”
“Who’s Athena?” Taehyung asked looking up from the phone. Namjoon lunged at the phone. He shot a glare at Yoongi.
“Really? You’re gonna play this game? Taehyung, give me my phone back!” He was getting angrier the longer they had his phone. Jin grabbed it from Taehyung.
“Who is she? I thought you liked Rose-noona. But you’ve been texting this girl like crazy. Were you just—“ Jin stopped suddenly. A look of realization crossed his face. “It’s her, isn’t it? It’s Rose-noona?” The boys froze. Then they all turned to look at him. Namjoon sighed.
“Yeah, so? Can I have my phone back?” He held his hand out. {Please just leave it at that}.
Jimin grabbed the phone. “You have noona’s number? How’d you get that? Did she give it to you?”
“Don’t worry about it. Just give it back.”
“Are you guys together?” Jungkook asked, his eyes wide open. Yoongi flinched at the question.
“No, we’re not. Friends are allowed to talk,” he huffed.
“We’re her friends too. Why do you have her number and we don’t?” Hoseok asked accusingly.
“You didn’t ask. Now give it back.” They kept passing the phone around.
“So you did?” Yoongi asked. Namjoon froze. The boys immediately started teasing him.
“That’s cute,” Jin said, ruffling Namjoon’s hair. He handed the phone back to Namjoon. “All you had to do was tell us. I don’t even know why you tried so hard to hide it. You knew we would figure it out.”
“Whatever, hyung. You guys are punks. Go back to what you were doing.” They left and couple of them winked at him. {These guys will be the death of me}. He laid back down on the bed and plugged the phone in again. He unlocked it and noticed it was on the main page. {That’s weird}. He went back to open his texts. What he saw made him freeze. The last text from his phone was a mass text to the other boys. No message, just an attachment—Rose’s contact info.
So...Namjoon's getting a jump start on the whole 'friendship' thing. Hm... wonder how it'll all turn out. But anywho, hope you enjoyed the chapter. I know the story is a bit slow, but I really wanted to explore the characters and their relationships with each other. Thank you to everyone who's reading, liking, following, or asking me to tag, it's very encouraging. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome too. Let me know if you would like to be tagged what you think about my uploading schedule. I hope everyone reading will continue to enjoy my story and I look forward to seeing you next chapter!
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@SNBlackRose You don't want any of them to think you are ignoring them....but it's difficult to answer that many at once.
@JaxomB it's one of those love/hate things, right? I mean, who wouldn't want those guys to blow up your phone? On the other hand, no one likes their phone to blow up, lol
Poor Rose is going to have her phone just blow up with texts.
@Mavis2478 thank you so much. I will do my best!
@SNBlackRose I like the story, keep up the good work!😁
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