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Police arrive at jackosn and marks house after getting a phone that their child is missing. "What was your childing wearing? " The officer asked Mark "He was wearing a red and black shirt with blue jeans." mark says trying to hold back the tears "Okay and where was he last seen at?" The officer asked again... "He went to a friends house this after noon and he was supposed to come back . But he.." Mark busted into tears " "It's okay it's okay we will find him i can asure you that Mr and Mr. Wang" The officer said to. Mark and Jackson The police officer leaves to start the hunt for hyeon "It's gonna be okay theyre gonna find him" Jackson says to Mark giving him a hug. *Crying* The stranger throws Hyeon on floor kicking him. In the ribs. "Shut the fuck or I'll really give you something to cry about you little bart. Do you know who. I am?" The man ask Hyeon shakes his head no I'm Namjoon... I'm your father Hyeon's eyes widened s million thoughts are running through his head. "Now Im gonna take this ducktape off your mouth and. If you scream I'm gonna hit you in your face. Do you understand me?" Namjoon says to. Heyon He moods yes Namjoon slow takes the ducktape off his son's face and then beining explaing why he kidnap him. After getting done telling him what his plans wear he untied hyeon's hands "Get up and get your ass in the bathroom and clean yourslfe up and get any thoughts about leaving here cause if you I'll kill you and then no one will find you." Namjoon Heyon goes the bathroom Heyon starts to talk to. Himslfe quietly "Man what the heck am I gonna do my father is a. Psycho and I know what he means is true... I mean I've seen him almost kill my mother once. Deep breaths hyeon I can get through this my dads will find me I know they will" Namjoon comes into the bathroom and grabs his hyeon by the hair and throws him. Into. A cold room almost like a celler. "Now stay here I hear the police are the look out for you I don't want them seeing you here in my living room if they come.And don't fucking make sound!" Namjoon says Knock knock knock "Hello officer is the anything I can do for you? " Namjoon asked? "Yes have you seen this kid his name hyeon and he's been missing for a day now. He was last seen around noon going friends house". The officer ask Namjoon look at a photo of his son "No I'm sorry officer I actually haven't been out lately but I'll keep an eye out for him." Namjoon replies Okay thank you The officers leave "Ugh babe what if it's months or even years before they find and what if he's dead?" Mark says to Jackson "Mark chill out he's gonna be fine the officers will find and everything will. Be back to normal okay! Let's try to be postive and let the officers do their jobs." Jackosn says to make trying make clam down again Will the officers find hyeon What will happen to hyeon Is Namjoon gonna kill his son? Stick around and find out @ChandraTorres @SaraHanna @twistedpuppy @Luna1171 @BBxGD @KoreanDramaMama
Wwwhhhhyyyyy Namjoon wwwhhhhhyyyyy?!?!?! Why you do this oppa?!?!
well thennnnn.... ok
becsue I wanna throw people off