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Six months later "Sorry Mr and Mr Wang but it's been six months and we haven't been able to find your son. So we are giving up the search for your son he may be dead we are sorry for your loss" the officer says to Mark and Jackson The officer leaves "NO! this is bullshit I refuse to belive that our son isn't that) alive damn it!" Jackson says "Maybe we should just look for him ourselves... Maybe cause we can't just give up on finding I know he's out there Jackson" says Mark "I know...but we need to keep it on the down low so that who ever has our child wont know that we are still looking we can't make. Anything obvious okay" Jackson replies Mark noods his head "Where fuck are you at? Get you ass in here" Namjoon says to hyeon "I'm right here" Hyeon says "The cops have gave up on looking for you they think youre dead so that's how we're gonna keep it. Okay? So don't step out of this I have to go and get a few things" Namjoon says to heyon with a serious look on his face Hyeon thinks to himslfe Man this is bullshit I've been here for six months being beat and hardly get anything to eat. I need to find away out of here or try to get someone attention but how? "Jackson! Jackosn!" Mark yells out "What? Whats going on" Jackson asked "Remember when our agent told us that hyeon had a crazy father... Do... Do you think he would have maybe taken him back?" Mark says "No I don't think anyone would be that insane plus why kidnap someone you don't care about?" Jackson repiles "Hmm yeah maybe your right oksy never mind.. So do you have s plan on how we are gonna find our son?" Mark asked "Yeah I'm gonna try to stake out some spot a different day maybe nights to see if I can't find him walking around or maybe he'll give me sign that he's in someone's house" Jackson replied back "Okay well just be careful about it we don't know anything. About this person and we might get hurt too. I'll check out some places as well" Mark says Hyeon steps outside to see if can flag someone he walks around for a while he see someone pulling to their home. He thinks now is his chance to tell someone going. Hyeon starts running to the person house but as soon as he gets to the drive way his dad pulls up next to him. Namjoon grabs him put hyeon in the car. "What the fuck did I tell you about coming outside I'm. Gonna beat your ass get in there now!" Namjoon Namjoon grab him by the neck and slams him into the house punching him in The ribs and then he Breaks his son's wrist. He's sees the man walking out of his car into his house not noticing a thing. "Now get back in that room and shut the hell up!" Namjoon says with hate Heyon goes back to the cold room and fears for the worse but hopes that mark and jackon will find soon. @ChandraTorres @SaraHanna @KoreanDramaMama @twistedpuppy @BBxGD @Luna1171
its gettinggg goooddd... good job sweety. your getting there. .πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ