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"Joshua I.....honestly I'm speechless i love you to". (I hug him we hold each other like that before giving each other some space to see each others face. Caught in each others gaze we didn't notice the members enter again. Our face inch closer until we finally kiss it was soft ,warm, and passionate. I blush as our kiss continues.) (I can feel him smile through the kiss which makes me smile that's when we hear everyone cheering and clapping and we pull away. I clear my throat then talk. "Haha I umm...we should get going I'm kinda hungry". Yeah shall we? "We shall" (I say as we hold hands then walk out together to get some food. -Later at the café- (I was gonna order when Joshua ordered for me.) "How did you know my favorite food was kimchi?" You do enjoy eating it a lot so lucky guess. "Hey is everyone coming back to the palace I want to make something". About that since you have so many rooms we decided to move in. "What! That's so great". (After our food and drinks came we chatted and joked happily and after we went back to the palace.) Sir your back I was so worried...oh I wasn't expecting guest and yui your okay. "thanks anyway everyone get situated I'll go make my surprise dessert". (just as I was about to walk away I get a call. Eomma is everything okay? No I just saw the news your coming home right away. What no I can't mom I'm fine beside I'm safe now and the boys are moving in with us. Fine but if something else happens your coming home got it. Yes I understand goodbye mom. "Haha where we're we... right I'll head to the kitchen right now. (I head to the kitchen and pull out the cupcake mix I bought before and start to mix ingredients together. I set my oven to 350° then pour my cupcake mix into the pan and put it in the oven and after 20-25 minutes they we're done. "okay everyone you can come out of your rooms". (As everyone comes out we all go to the dining room.) "Okay everyone I give you cupcakes it's a recipe only I know". "I made each of you a different kind of cupcake now dig in". (They take one bite them all their eyes go big.) Its so good~ (they all say in unison.) "I'm so glad you all like it". "Good night everyone I'm kind tired well I'm heading to my room". I'll export you to your room. "Joshua you don't have to". I insist. (he takes my hand and walks me to my room.) We'll looks like we're here. "Joshua thank you so much today was very great. (I give him a quick peck on the lips then actually kiss him. He closes the gap between us deepening the kiss as my back is now against the door. I pull away gasping for air.) "I guess I should be getting to sleep". (I close the door but open it again to hug him then say goodnight again closing the door.) Sorry if it's bad it's like 2:03am and I'm really tired but I hope you like it anyways goodnight this is Sam Annyeong carats @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding
Thx I'm working on it
I loved it! They are so cute!!! When her mom said she had to come home I freaked out but then her mom said she could stay and I was so happy! This story is so good! Can't wait for the next chapter!