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I don't get who ever wrote this. I mean they may dance alike but it doesn't mean there "copying" each other. It's like saying if a b-boy gets on stage and did a move(you can name it) and the other b-boy gets on stage and does the same move doesn't mean there copying each other. Everybody manly dances alike some how. But most thing should just be left alone. (This picture was bugging the crap out of me. So I had to share it. What do you guys think of this picture.)
regardless of what was said Jimin and Kai both are very passionate dancers...their bodies emulate the music in a way that's eye catching. I enjoy watching both embrace the song and interpret it so beautifully! Kai has a flow that sensual and deep while Jimin has a flow that powerful and seductive. Both are enchanting to instead of comparing them...people should just sit back and enjoy the show
Well they both are familiar with contemporary dances which is why the styles are similar but most definitely is not copying. That picture bothers me as well....
This pisses me off beyond belief! Even if there dance style is similar Jimin's is still unique and so is Kai's! They also both work hard to be as good as they are! Jimin would be heart broken if he knew people thought he was just copying another dancer! That completely demeans all the hard work that both parties do! People like this seriously need to keep their thoughts on the inside. As my momma always said, if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it
I've honestly never noticed that they dance similarly. Either way both look like their having fun on stage so it who cares whoever wrote that comment it doesn't make sense to me.
That person has no idea what they're talking about both Kai and Jimin dance similar styles so they're dancing is bound to look similar ever so often. It's really annoying when people just accuse idols of things like this when all those idols are working so hard to impress people like them.
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