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I don't get who ever wrote this. I mean they may dance alike but it doesn't mean there "copying" each other. It's like saying if a b-boy gets on stage and did a move(you can name it) and the other b-boy gets on stage and does the same move doesn't mean there copying each other. Everybody manly dances alike some how. But most thing should just be left alone. (This picture was bugging the crap out of me. So I had to share it. What do you guys think of this picture.)
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um... I guess they are referencing to kai's breath and Jimin's butterfly performance. As a dance major myself that also takes Ballet , jazz, and modern i know what this person is getting at but they are wrong. They both are trained in Ballet and modern so yes when they have solo stages they might have similar movement because that's what traditional dancing is. Just because they both did a interpret and lyrical piece doesn't mean they are copying eachother. Kai is not the first person to do this style of dancing so for them to say that is pretty much ignorant.
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That person is wasting it's breath honestly they just want another fan war smh 😒😒
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lmbo this person needs to do their homework. Their styles are actually different & both are unique. omg 😂
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all I ever see exo-ls do is claim other groups copy exo. they need to grow the fuck up.
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This just makes my blood boil…sigh…people…sigh… smh. its dancing..
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