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Your perspective Pairing: ??? Warning: mature content
July 28th So I messaged Yoongi first with a simple, ~cheers. Don't worry I'm fine thanks~ and then moved onto Jimin. ~Yeah sure, what were you thinking of doing?~ An immediate reply, I got an immediate reply from him. ~Park maybe. Just a nice wander round a park with Park Jimin ;)~ ~okay sure~ ~I'll pick you up tomorrow when's best~ I quickly checked. The studio was booked from 3 and so a good hour and a half with him wouldn't hurt. ~half one~ ~yh that's fine see ya~
I decided to go with denim dungarees (but the short ones rather than the long ones) and a lilac shirt underneath. I was in the middle of sliding on my black converse when there was a knock. These were the same converse that Namjoon bought me for my birthday, which was the day before he asked me out. July 20th. Ah memories. Anyway, I got to the door in time to see a bright smiled Jimin standing in inky blue jeans and a white shirt and with a random logo on it. "Ready?" He asked. I nodded in return and we headed out.
It turned out to be a private park at the back of the Big Hit building so neither of us needed masks. "Maybe I should have bought a mask" "Why?" He asked. "I'm not sure Big Hit really appreciate me around you guys." "They are... alright with it I'm sure. As long as we are fine, they are" "Thanks ChimChim" Conversation flowed until he unwisely chose to bring up Namjoon. "Namjoon's been alright you know" "Yeah? So have I?" "You're not bothered?" "Why should I? It was a mutual break up! He's fine and so am I"
"Macky, you can tell me if-" "No, I'm fine. No, I don't regret it. No, he didn't hurt me or abuse me or whatever. I'm absolutely fine!" I'd had enough of that for the time being. The situation was fine so why was he so concerned over it? "That's fine it wasn't what I was going to say but-" "Then what Jimin? I don't see why you should be that bothered, what else is there to say about-" "I like you" His voice was quiet but I still heard. "You like me?" My tone changed from ranting to actually considering the fact that he liked me.
That must have been why he was concerned. He was wary because he lovingly cared about me. Sweet Chim. "I do. I didn't want you to be weirded out if I told you while you were dating him but I also didn't want you hurt I just-" tears where in his eyes at that point so I stopped him. "Chim. I'll go out with you if that's what you want" "You'd- only if you want it too?" I nodded. He was a great guy and we are close so why the hell not? I've got nothing to lose. I loved him as much as I loved the other members I've dated. I'm not a bad person for accepting his offer as I truly found him attractive and he would make a great boyfriend.
We were about to head back into the building as Jimin was going to drop me off at the studio until a shadow stopped us in our tracks. Jungkook. "Number 5 right Mack?" "What does it matter to you? What does my life matter to you?" Luckily, Jimin knew to stay quiet. "Suppose it doesn't, my members just must all be idiots." That's when Jimin spoke up, "idiots? You're the idiot here!" "And why's that?" I asked before Jungkook could. There was a short silence. What was being implied? That he was the idiot for not going out with me? Kinda sweet if that was what Jimin was implying!
"I don't have time for this" Kook sighed, "you two aren't going to last, let's face it. I know you too well Mack" I glared at him as Jimin led me past him. We weren't having any of his negativity on his part. "Don't listen to him Macky. He's got problems of his own, trust me" I just smiled and we carried on. Jimin called a taxi and we happily sat in the back. We sat as close as we could to one another, our hands locked together. "When do you think we should-" I knew what he was getting at, for god's sake I've done it on more than one occasion. Going public...
"Tomorrow? Or we could keep it a-" "Secret? Really?" "It depends whether the companies allow it and considering the comeback we have to be careful" "Now you put work first" he sighed "Look" I lifted his chin up with my other hand, "work is work, you know that and unlike what Kook thinks, it'll be ok." His hand released from mine and stroked my thigh instead. He really couldn't wait to get his hands on me. He was as eager as Hoseok was. "Tomorrow or never Macky" his sincere voice along with his cute smile made me agree.
When we arrived at the studio, he suggested that he stayed inside. I understood it, controversy rules. Instead, he kissed me before I opened the door. Our first shared kiss, nice. His lips were so soft that I didn't want to leave them. I decided to get out when his hand made its way down my dungarees. That was enough for now Mr Park, you'll have to wait. The studio crew were happy to see me but that was mostly because I was recording the new song today. It ended up taking half an hour for me to get used to the lyrics and then another hour for me to get the right notes. Let's just say I was there until 9, yet again.
Hope you guys enjoyed!!! Sorry it wasn't uploaded on the day, I wasn't feeling too well. Anyway, Tagging: @tiffany1922 @CallMeMsDragon @Saeda1320 @AdeleLynn @Animezkpopgirl @Mavis2478 @Jaysbae13 @milcalopez963
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