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I still remembered that day, me and my friends was walk around the Xmas market next to our place in Spain. This little girl was holding her teddy bear, and was crying a lot since she lost the sign of her parents. Tip: this was low light condition, so I choose the shutter speed slow, so it allowed more light to get into the censor. And as well, I got down to the eye´s level with the kid, to create the same feeling with her in the frame.
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did she found her parents?
did you help her??
@divalycious @wieputrawan @minjaeturtles yah I did help her. But my spanish was really bad, so I need another help from the Spanish to find her parents :(
@tapsamai oohhh ... thank the heavens ... :)
@Tapsamai haha that's great. But that aside, it's a great picture. You can't create that kind of emotion