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As you guys know, I miss Ako from Netoge (Is there ever a girl online?). But I have been too busy & have enough shows to watch already to watch it again right now. So I decided to watch the dub while I was cleaning & such this week, and it was actually pretty fun! Like really fun. Like I didn't get any cleaning done after all.

I found a few clips of the dub! If you haven't see the show, this would be a spoiler for you XD

The voice is very different from what Ako was like in the original. But still! I was able to enjoy her antics for a second time this way so much! Something about her craziness is just so endearing especially in English XD Her Yandere moment is crazy lol.

Also a spoiler video!!

Has anyone else tried the Netoge dub?

need to watch dubbed seen subbed up to a point
I hate dub period. nothing anyone says or no matter how good it sounds will make me even think of watching it much less like it........................no offense.
Personally I like her japanese voice more, I think it fits her better. Don't much like dub.
not a fan of dub, but i also meet Ako XD
I had saw the dubbed version and it's good!