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Kakashi's face reveal manga vs anime. Dear animators... WHY?! Why did you have to fuck up this bad in revealing Kakashi's face. The manga looked 10x better. Argh. I am so brokenhearted right now. :(
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what do you mean you can freely control the sharingan. @Hatake26
@AngelMartinez1 But he isn't part of the Uchiha and that's why he covers his eye
ya but you asked why (doesn't) he have it at that time and I just said cause he didn't activate it while he was doing all of this
@AngelMartinez1 I think what the OP meant was that Kakashi never had the ability to turn off his Sharingan since he wasn't an Uchiha. That's why he always had it covered up with his forehead protector due to the constant drain. Kakashi had mastery over the use of it but he could never deactivate it, like Danzo who similarly covered up his. But the shots don't reflect it being on. IIRC there were some other shots in the anime that looked a lot better. Still, the manga was better.
i dont see a difference 馃樁