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Lee Jong Suk:

. He started his career as a runaway model. · He debuted in 2005 with the short film sympathy. · He was a trainee of SM ent. · He is a close friend to HyoHyeon and YoonA of SNSD. · He is from Yong In. · He is a long term friend to Kwang Hee of Ze:A. · He can’t easily make friends. . He is BFF with Kim Woo Bin. · He can fly a plane. He got a three months training as an ambassador for Global Aviation. · He doesn’t like become a center highlight because he is a shy person and he doesn’t talk too much when appearing in a variety show. · He is a smart student. He became one of 2.200 students out of 21.268 who passed the entrance examination in Konkuk University. · His skin is too pale. He tried tanning it but failed. His skin, rather than tanned just got red instead. · He learned how to play piano because of his strict father. · He was prepared as a rapper of an idol group. · He did a taekwondo.

Kim Woo Bin:

. He was raised by a very strict mother. . He loves playing pingpong. . He loves video games . He watches movies a lot. . He Can speak Mandarin. . He dedicate so much time rehearsing on his songs. . He has been dreaming about modelling since he was a little boy. . He is adorable back in school. . He Can speak Mandarin. . He likes to make people smile. . He loves watching football. . A great fan of Barcelona FC . He has an iphone and a samsung phone he calls with. . He loves to swim. . He Likes to hangout with family.
Who'd you date out of these 2 babies? :D didn't mean any harm if I killed some of u xD But for me I'd date Lee Jong Suk.....Don't get me wrong Woo Bin give me heart attacks, but Jong Suk was my first actress love.....*BLUSHES* Hehehe


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I love both but I would definitely date Lee Jong Suk! This was an easy one compared to the last one lol
wae....I love them both wae.... I think lee Jong suk because I fell in love with him first when I saw him in secret garden.
If I wasn't married.....either.
Lee Jong Suk ! He is my favorite actor and we have alot in common. I am currently watching his new drama W -Two Worlds . 😊😊😊
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