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The compact camera market has declined drastically in 2012, what's left are the high end compact cameras. So what's going to happen if you want to buy a compact camera?
wowww! i actually want to buy a new cameraaa but i don't know which one to buyy!! i found some lomography camerass what do you think about those?
@BenardQuek the 1960s cameraaa wow! hahahah i feel like i should study up some camera tips and anything that has to do with cameras!! i used to take some photography classes back in high school but i really havent got myself get back to itttt : ((
@roselee89 There is a mathematical correlation between ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. This is the holy trinity of Photography as image capture relies on this understanding. Once you understand this three factors, you'll understand how images a captured. This applies to both film and digital cameras.
@miranpark88 The Pen-S? It is a tiny camera, a bit slow to operate as all the adjustments are on the lens barrel but has way better optics than the Lomo. You can get one for less than a LC-A on eBay as it is a 1960s era camera.
I wish I could be more familiar with cameras. I always had a hard time understanding exposure, shutter speed and all those elements.
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