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Political circles in Korea are pushing for Rain's re-enlistment, along withKCM and a soldier 'C' that has already been released. Many are pointing outPsy's own re-enlistment into the army. The democratic party under the Ministry of Defense pointed out that Rain and some othershad become a celebrity solider even though they hadn't provided the necessary documents. One of the assemblymen pointed out, "Our country has compulsory military service, and it must be equal to all the citizens. But Rain became a celebrity recruit without even having to submit documents just because he is famous. Usually, celebrity recruits have an acceptance rate of 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 after all the documents are submitted, but it's obvious that he received special treatment." Another assemblyman said, "Currently, there are talks about Rain's re-enlistment, but the exact point of the problem brought up was that 10 celebrity recruits were accepted even without proper documentation. Since that is a problem, they should re-enlist. It's not that their re-enlistment was emphasized [but rather just brought up]. It's true that it was pointed out as a problem, but this is a matter for the Ministry of Defense to decide on. It's also true that one of the 10 recruits are Rain, but the problem was not just for Rain. Also, the investigation was not limited to those related to the massage parlor incident, but to the entire celebrity recruit." Read more at
If he served his military time, he should be released.
year totally agree with you@mariapaunescu33 and he is one of the best*-*
I think that Political circles and the Ministry of Defense should take count of services brought for country by this artists ! They really bring more benefits for KOREA than any other category ,so it must be done an objective and extent analysis ,weight all aspects and action consequently. Some of greatest artist brings more advantages without doing military service .
i heard this is a really big controversy in korea right now
i agree with you@tyta468 ordinary or celebrity, rules must be fair!
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