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Here's a little dose of wonho

try not to die






seriously this kid is too much for my soul

FYI i found out about his nip piercings....haven't been the same since


I need someone to tell me if this tattoo is legit because I'm dying here , every place I search says it is.....my curiosity is through through roof

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holy... piercings and tats and thighs, oh my... x.x
.... I will never be able to look at him as anything other than a man now.... before I could convince myself he was just a child. (we're the same age) now that has gone out the window. Wonho. Has. A. Nip. Peirceing. Okay. Bye.
@JustBrea right!! I always made it a point to only look at wonhoe as the adorable little human he was but now....things will never be the same....Holy .Nip.Piercing. What.Is.Life
@LocoForJiyong What is life right now?? How do I stop the fan-girl-feels. And the butt tat?? I can't even THINK about a tatto right now. Let alone on his @$$. It's just too much, too fast. How do I even.
@JustBrea I know!!! I still can't get over it...the nip piercings were enough but the butt tat like how does ones mind even grasp that