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Who has the Best Profile?

Alright another choice Thursday brought to by 1theK.
V from BTS
Yugyeom from GOT7
Ken from VIXX
L from Infinite
I know I can only chose one. However I can't! If I had to chose my favorite it would be all of them. However the best one that I really like is.........L..........and........V lol. Before V from BTS I liked L more since I have been with since his acting debut in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. For V his so handsome that there are time he looks older then he really is. plus with him being part of my sunshine team I can't help but love his goofiness along with a strong profile. comment below on who you would chose and why
I don't think you noticed but I think your phone might've autocorrected "L from Infinite" to "Lol from Infinite".... But other than that imma be an odd ball and pick em all.
Well, that was difficult. So, I'm going with V. It was between V and Yugyeom. I do love Ken too, but I adore Ken from the front because you can really see his odd ears. ♥
V... it is perfect
Ken ^^
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