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Alright another choice Thursday brought to by 1theK.
V from BTS
Yugyeom from GOT7
Ken from VIXX
L from Infinite
I know I can only chose one. However I can't! If I had to chose my favorite it would be all of them. However the best one that I really like is.........L..........and........V lol. Before V from BTS I liked L more since I have been with since his acting debut in Shut Up Flower Boy Band. For V his so handsome that there are time he looks older then he really is. plus with him being part of my sunshine team I can't help but love his goofiness along with a strong profile. comment below on who you would chose and why
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Ken ^^
a year ago·Reply
V... it is perfect
a year ago·Reply
I don't think you noticed but I think your phone might've autocorrected "L from Infinite" to "Lol from Infinite".... But other than that imma be an odd ball and pick em all.
a year ago·Reply
@EunwooTrash I have issues with autocorrect. thank you for letting me know😀
a year ago·Reply
Well, that was difficult. So, I'm going with V. It was between V and Yugyeom. I do love Ken too, but I adore Ken from the front because you can really see his odd ears. ♥
a year ago·Reply