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So here we are almost too the big day of leaving for Arizona and kcon!!! Woot....I hope you are all ready for this. I wanted to post last night but my computer was a butt and finally got to send it to my phone this morning before work. If you missed @SweetDuella last chapter click here for it
Sarah held a fake smile and tried to get along with Namjoon’s sister. “So Kookie really likes your show too, he talks about it a lot. That’s another thing we have in common.” Mina said “Oh yeah?” “Yea He’s just so….I like him so much!” Mina giggled “Mina you don’t need to talk about Kookie.” Namjoon said “Its ok, she likes him a lot.” It hurt Sarah to say that but it was clear as day. “Yea, he is so sweet.” “Yea he sure is.” Sarah agreed with her. “So that guy you went on a date with, who was it?” Mina asked “Oh he’s just someone we had on our show once.” “Oh really? So he’s famous and you turned him down?” “Yes, I have…..had feelings for someone else.” “What happened?” “I don’t want to talk about it. Anyways before I forget. Thanks for the cookies.” Sarah bit into one of them. She was now ready to deal with everything. She knew what she was going to talk about on the show in the afternoon tomorrow. After an hour or so Namjoon and Mina left. “How was that?” Jenni asked with a smile on her face. “I seriously can’t believe you…do you not know who she is?” “Yea she’s Namjoon’s little sister.” “Yea. You know what, its fine. I have my clarity and now I’m ready for tomorrow. I’m heading to bed. Night.” Sarah went to her room and was about to fall asleep when a text came through. Jin: Hey are you free to talk? Sarah: Sure what’s up? Jin: I wasn’t going to get involved but seeing how Kookie is acting now I need to step in. Sarah: How’s he acting? Jin: I guess he saw you and JB on Monday night Sarah: Yea Jin: He is trying to put on a brave face but he sucks at it. Why won’t you just talk to him? He needs to know what he did or he will never learn. Sarah: I will tell him……have him listen to the show tomorrow afternoon. What I talk about If he doesn’t get it then….then I will have to tell him to his face wont I? Jin: Alright I’ll have him listen. Sarah: We need to eat together again. I want to feed you again. Jin: Noona can feed me anytime Sarah: Ok I’m heading to bed…. Night! Jin: Night
Sarah went to bed and after a little while she fell asleep. When she woke up she quickly got dressed and ran out the door to go to get coffee for her and Jenni. She got to the coffee shop and ordered there drinks. As she was about to leave she ran into someone and just ignored them but they followed. “I know you’re single.” She was afraid of what could happen next. “I am not stupid, I heard your show and I know you went on a date and ended it as friends so, what is there that’s holding you here.” There was nothing holding her here. She wanted to be here in Seoul. “You should just come back with me and we can start fresh.” He grabbed her arm and she turned to look at him. She hadn’t said anything yet and she was trying her best not to break. “Come on you know I am the best guy out there.” And finally Sarah got her confidence. “You know what Mike; you are not the best guy out there. I have met many people and all of them are better than you.” “What!” he was shocked she had talked back to him. “I am not going back to America with you; I am not getting back with you! So you can just leave me the hell alone.” She pulled her arm away from him and thankfully didn’t spill on herself and walked away. When she walked into the studio Jenni was there, Sarah set the drink down in front of her. “Soooooo.” Sarah started “So what?” Jenni asked taking a sip of her coffee. “I ran into Mike.” “What happened.” She was now staring at Sarah. She was afraid that Sarah was going to just go back to Mike since things were rough with Kookie. “Well he found out that I am single and he was trying very hard to get me to go with him back to America.” “Please tell me you told him no.” “I told him that he needed to leave me the hell alone, and yes I said no I wasn’t going with him.” “Oh thank god. I was a little worried there.” She let out a sigh along with a laugh. “I’m not that stupid.” Sarah said and took a deep breath. “Alright let’s get this started…today is going to be a revealing day.” Sarah put a smile on her face and they started the show. The two hours went by fast. After the show Sarah wanted to go home and watch some drama’s and Jenni was more than happy to join. She thought Sarah was getting back to normal which meant that the crazy crying girl and unhappy girl was almost gone. Sarah was going to be bubbly again. Jenni loved that thought. Finally the girls went back to the studio and were ready for the show. “Good Afternoon Everyone! This is Diamond.” Sarah said “And Ruby” Jenni added “Coming at you on the airwaves.” Sarah finished “We hope you all are enjoying this lovely Wednesday.” Ruby quickly interjected. “Today is a good day. Alright so I want to say I’m sorry for not being here yesterday morning. I wasn’t feeling well…Heck for almost a week I haven’t been myself.” “Yea, everyone keeps worrying about you.” Jenni said “I am going to address the reason why I have been so…..Not bubbly and not as lively.” “Are you sure you are ready for this Diamond?” “Well I need some advice to make it easier on me so…Yes, I am ready.” “Alright.” Jenni was a little worried but she would let her friend do this and see how it turned out. “Alright so question first. Has anyone had their heart broken? I’m going to tell you what happened and you can call in with advice or if you had a similar experience how you dealt with it.” “I say get popcorn because this is some juicy stuff.” Jenni added with a laugh. “Ruby… you butt.” Sarah laughed “What? I wish I had popcorn right now…this would be great.” “Any way’s so last week Ruby and I went out to eat dinner, you know girl time, and it was great until I saw something I shouldn’t have. The guy I liked with another girl…. I seriously could have played dumb forever, if I hadn’t seen it. What I think is that I was blinded by how much I liked this guy, heck I still do like him, but after last night I realized it’s completely over for me. I met the girl, spent some time with her and I can’t hate her. I mean I want to I really do.” Sarah took a deep breath and tried to steady her thoughts. Jenni was staring at Sarah wondering who the girl was Sarah was talking about. “The thing is he doesn’t even know that I saw it. And I have avoided him, tried to go on a date to keep my mind off of him, well it helped for a bit, but seriously this guy…..ugh. I have been fighting with myself along with my best friend over this and….well I even thought for a moment leaving the country was a good option…but I can’t leave, I love it here and just because I’m having some stupid issue I can’t just up and leave. Which makes Ruby happy, I’m sure if I went back to America she would chase me down and bring me back.” Sarah added finally laughing “Your damn right I would have.” Jenni snapped “Ha yea, she’s a great friend even when I’m all serious and depressing.” “Well I shall share this… Diamond has been a mess like all week....I was seriously getting sick of her just randomly breaking down and crying. Although I still think she needs to talk to the dang dude so he knows what is going on.” “And with that we shall go to callers.” Sarah hit a button. “You’re on the air what do you got to say?” Sarah said with a smile “Diamond any guy would be lucky to have you. I know what you are going through…it sucks when there aren’t mutual feelings there.” The girl on the line said “Yea, what did you do to move on?” Sarah asked “I’m still working on it.” “Oh well hopefully things get better and maybe you’ll get some advice from the other callers. Thanks for calling.” Sarah ended the call. “Hello you’re on the air, what do you want to share?” Jenni said “I say you should have confronted him right away. Also are you sure he likes the other girl? Just because she may be sweet or whatever doesn’t mean he wants her. “ the caller said. “I think he likes Diamond alot and there was just a misunderstanding…I agree they need to talk.” Jenni said “Well I guess that is some solid advice” Sarah laughed “Thanks for calling. Alright we are going to take a little break and then get back to some callers and some randomness.” Jenni said “Oh and I wanted to give a shout out to our fan girl Mina who we met last night. If she's listening it was nice meeting you.” Sarah said with a forced smiled and then a song started. “You met the girl?” Jenni asked “Yea you did too.” “I did?” “Yea Namjoon’s sister.” “I knew she looked familiar I just thought I was crazy.” She laughed “Well you kind of are but… I mean come on I knew you were getting me back for the other day but seriously I wanted to smack you after she kept talking about Kookie and how much she liked him.” “Namjoon told her to stop.” “I know but, I doubt he knows that those two are dating.” “You think Kookie would do that? I’m sure Joonie isn’t ok with that.” “What if he doesn’t know about it?” This made the girls fall silent while Jenni thought. After a few songs they came back with more callers and then they talked for a bit more with music filling in the spaces.
Finally the show came to an end and Sarah was ready to go. She was walking out and not paying attention. She wanted to go to a nice place and think before she had to find out if Kookie actually got it now. “Sarah.” She looked up and glanced at Jenni who pointed by the doors. Sarah looked and saw Kookie. They locked eyes for a second. Sarah could tell he wasn’t himself. She kept walking and went out a different set of doors and walked away, she didn’t expect him to be there right after the show. She needed a few minutes to make sure she was calm enough to talk to him. Jenni intercepted him as he was going to follow Sarah. “Why won’t she talk to me?” “Do you not really get it Kookie?"Jenni was thinking Kookie was playing dumb. Sarah spelled it all out for him. Well she didn’t say that she saw a kiss happen. “I don’t. I get that she saw me with Mina but what does that have to do with me and Sarah.” “Oh my gosh! Ok what did you do on Thursday?” Jenni asked “I went out to eat with a friend.” “And that friend was Mina was it not?” “Yea.” “Some friend! Sarah saw her kiss you and she was all clingy to you. Her heart broke that night. Sarah lost her happiness; that night she cried so freaking hard for so many hours. She didn’t even sleep well…. Then you play dumb like you did nothing wrong!” Jenni was getting louder and louder. “Jenni…” “No you wait I’m not done talking. Now I was stupid and didn’t realize that Mina was the girl and let her come over…The way Mina was talking it sounded like you two were together and that hurt her more but she is just putting on a damn brave face.” Jenni finally let it all out. “Oh god... seriously that’s what this whole thing is about?” Kookie was worried but he knew what he was going to do. “Yes you jerk! Just go be with Mina and let Sarah move on.” Jenni said and started to walk away, Kookie grabbed her arm. “Wait Jenni I swear it’s a misunderstanding.” “Sure.” “Please just listen to me.” Jenni did just that. Sarah had walked over to the same park Kookie and her had their first date. She still loved the place. It gave her good memories. She loved looking at the cherry blossoms and watching the fountain and all the people running through it. She was still upset but…she needed to stop thinking about Kookie. She couldn’t have him anymore. *Ding* Jenni: Hey where are you at? Sarah: Cherry blossoms Jenni: First date? Sarah: Yup
Sarah sat on the bench just looking at the trees. All of a sudden she felt a chill and shivered. The sun had gotten covered by clouds. She used her hands to rub her arms to warm them up. All of a sudden someone put their arms around her. She stood still for a second, at first she didn’t know who it was because they didn’t say anything but, she could smell him. Her stomach started to do flips and she closed her eyes and took a few breaths trying to calm herself down. She tightened her grip on her arms as well. He finally spoke. “Sarah.” He whispered and she bit her lip. She wasn’t going to run. He let go of her and she looked down at the ground as he walked in front of her. He knelt down and used his hands to lift her face up to look at him. She pressed her lips together and swallowed, she swear she gulped but wasn’t 100% sure. “I need to tell you about Mina.” Kookie said. Sarah’s eyes started to water and she stood up. He was quick to follow and stood up as well. Sarah took a few steps to walk away and give her a bit of space between her and Kookie. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him. He put an arm around her and placed his hand on her back, while his other hand went to her face. She placed her hands on his chest. They were staring at each other and Sarah’s heart was racing. “I’m not dating her. I only want you.” He said and pressed his lips to hers. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of his lips on hers. He pulled back and she opened her eyes again and moved her hands from his chest to around his neck and pulled him back towards her. She pressed her lips to his and he wrapped both hands around her and hugged her closer to him. They finally separated and were catching their breath. “Mina is just Namjoon’s sister; I was being nice hanging out with her. She seriously is just a friend.” He said as a tear escaped Sarah’s eye. “Why are you crying?” He wiped the tear away. “I’m just so happy. I seriously thought you didn’t like me. Plus the fact that she is your age, although when I first saw her I didn’t know her age I just assumed you two were the same age. I thought you wanted someone closer to your age.” Sarah said letting out what she was thinking. “When I saw you on the date with JB I thought that you wanted someone closer to your age as well. He even kissed you.” Sarah smiled “He never kissed me. He got close and I thought he was. I was prepared to push him away, but he just did it to make you jealous I guess.” “Well it worked. I got jealous and I was going crazy over you not talking to me and you even ran away from me.” He grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers. Sarah looked at their hands and smiled. “I wasn’t ready to talk then…..I’m sorry.” She took a step closer and kissed his cheek. “I have something for you. “He said and pulled something out of his pocket. He let go of her hand to pull whatever it was out. He grabbed her right hand and slipped a ring on her finger. “This was for us?” she questioned with a smile. “Yes, I was going to ask you on Friday to go out with me, but then well you know what happened.” “Man….for someone who’s older I sure didn’t want to just do the adult thing and talk it out. But can you blame me? I was hurt.” “I don’t…but I hope you come to me anytime even if it is about me. I don’t want to hurt you. I want to make you happy.” “Ok. I promise to come to you no matter what.” “Alright so will you be my girlfriend?” He asked with a cute smile. “Yes” Sarah said and quickly kissed him on the lips again while giving him a hug as well. The rest of the evening Sarah and Kookie spent it with each other. They stayed at that park for a while and then went out to eat. Sarah invited Kookie back to her place and even though they just started dating Sarah asked him to stay the night. He didn’t think twice. When they got to Sarah’s Jenni was either out or already asleep. They quietly went to Sarah’s room. Sarah didn’t have anything for him to sleep in but he said he’d stay in his clothes; he would change in the morning. Sarah made sure to lock the door so Jenni didn’t walk in and see them. They laid on Sarah’s bed looking at each other. “Man I was going crazy.” He said and he moved some of her hair. “I was too.” “At least this can’t happen again.” He smiled and pulled her close to him. She rested her head against his chest and he rubbed her back and they just cuddled. He kissed the top of her head and they said goodnight. Then both fell asleep. (ok don't put your heads in the gutter nothing dirty happened lol)
(This is his cute smile he uses on sarah) Sarah woke up for work and left a note for Kookie telling him to stay if he woke up and she’d be back as fast as she could. Then she ran out the room and grabbed Jenni and they went to get coffee and then work. “So what happened with you and Kookie?” Jenni asked “What do you mean?” Sarah asked playing dumb. “I told him where you were and he said he was going to you.” “Yea he showed up, we talked a bit then I told him I had to leave.” Sarah lied “Seriously! It was a misunderstanding Sarah!” Sarah turned away and smiled. She was having fun messing with her friend. Thankfully the show started and they were talking about several things and of course listening to music. “So I am in a great mood today. I got some amazing closure last night and I feel good and ready for a bright future." Sarah said causing Jenni to give her a confused look. “What do you mean by that?” Jenni asked “Just that I’m in a better place now. Anyways Ruby you want to know something I was thinking about?” Sarah changed the subject. “Sure what is it?” “Remember when we were talking about what to do with our ashes?” “Oh yea. I take yours and do a world tour and spread them everywhere. “ “Yea and when you said I could do that for you, your mom said no she gets your ashes.” Sarah said with a laugh “Oh yea she wants all of me. Don’t worry I’ll put it in my will you get 50% of my ashes.” “You can give your mom 75% I only need 25%” “No, NO you are not allowed to be stingy with my ashes! I want you to grab handfuls of me and throw me at people.” She said doing the motion of throwing and both girls bust up laughing. “Ok ok I will need 50% so make sure you do put that in your will.” Sarah added in between laughs. “Alright now sadly it is time to go but we will be back at noon. Have a great morning.” Jenni said and ended the show. Sarah got up quick and walked out the door. She wanted to get back home to spend more time with Kookie. Sarah was speed walking and Jenni had to catch up to her. As they were walking out of the building Namjoon showed up. “Joonie!” Jenni squealed and ran and hugged him. “Hey babe. Hey Sarah.” “Hey.” Sarah quickly said “Have either of you seen Kookie?” “Not since last night why?” Jenni asked “He didn’t come home last night and he didn’t answer his phone this morning.” Namjoon said “Hmm. Sarah do you have any ideas?” Jenni asked turning to Sarah. Sarah didn't say anything and started walking to their house and Namjoon and Jenni followed. “I don’t know.” Sarah said finally when they got home and quickly ran into her room and shut the door. When she got in the room she squealed because Kookie quickly grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed, she fell on top of him. “I missed you.” He said and kissed her. “Did you listen to the show?” “Yes I did. I see your back to normal.” He smiled. “Yup, I’m super happy now.” She kissed his nose. “Namjoon is here, he is worried about you.” “Oh crap I forgot to call him and let him know I wasn’t going home.” “You can go out there now and tell him…or text him.” Sarah said and was about to roll off of him. “Or you don’t have to do that because I’m right here.” Namjoon was in the doorway; both Kookie and Sarah looked at the door with a toothy smile. “I’m sorry.” They both said “You know I want to be mad but the fact that you two are together….I’m going to let it slide.” Namjoon said “I knew something was up with her today.” Jenni added as she pulled Namjoon out of the room. “Well now they know.” Kookie said with a laugh.
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So Mina was just Joonie's sister? That's a relief and I almost teared up when Kookie and Sarah were at the park.
THANK GOD! I am happy they cleared it all up!! yay!
Yay! Misunderstanding resolved finally!
@SerenaArthurs you know every time I read this one I get all happy lol...and I was like fangirling while I was writing it...I was like oh I hope everyone reacts like me lol
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