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Hehe…Hey everyone..What's up? How have you all been?
I've been good, just really tired. I have insomnia and, so I sleep late or don't sleep at all, plus I wake up early in morning now.
I work, I draw, I've been exercising, and I've been writing like about 1..2..4… about 7 fanfics.
6 of them most of you know of…lol I have a monkey brain…*active brain* it never shuts up.
Oh and I'll be starting college soon so I'mma be swamped!!! XC NOOOOOOO PORQUE!!!
Almost every day I have been writing and searching things on the computer… Gosh…my eyes burn >_< They are dried up… XS

Oh My Stress!

I've been having a headache for almost three days now and no matter how much medicine I take, naps, or eat…it won't go away…my brain needs to shut up!!!! RAAAWR!
God help me… someone…anyone?? I need more friends…I need to get out more and breathe in the fresh air…sigh :/
Let's setback on topic Luz! FOCUS!
Okay so new/ updates on stories. Starting with

Toxic Rose.

Give me some SUGA…

Hehe, So I would have posted Toxic Rose sooner, but I kept moving things around and adding more, so this one for the first chapter may be long…idk… lol I'm having difficulties with this one, for I am someone who doesn't get too romantic or mushy or intimate … I give some details, but I can't go further…I can't do Rate R or Rated M… LOL
Man… I wanna sleep, but I got work today… and Fridays are the busiest and it's a block party so I'mma get my @$$ whooped! XS

Continuing on… FATE


I am working on Chapter 2 of FATE and only have one sentence…Good progress right? Lol yeeeaaa~ Yo man! I got my stories all mix in this monkey brain of mine…so hard to separate and think clearly… uh… IDK when I'mma have it done and read and posted so yeah…sorry.
HEHEHEHE … Kpop life that what this one is about. Straight up JB in his natural habitat…singer life with reader…lol

HOHOHO! NEXT! Like a Ghost

Alien abduction time! I see dead people… 0_o
:l No I really see ghosts…it's scary… *Looks around* *whispers* They are everywhere…
Oi, this one, Like a Ghost, is gonna get good I think… it may be funny, romantic, scary…and tragic. Im trying not to keep writing depress angst style stories as much…I wanna do a variety of different style stories…It's hard…
My foot is falling asleep along with my butt…I'm hungry. I wonder whats everyone doing right this moment…
(OH LOOK my cat area walked in my room. KITTY SLOBER!EW)

URGH GRR CONCENTRATE ! Unrequited Romance…

Taeccool me and JaeBae love me!!
YO YO YO! Unrequited Romance! man we all are in a onside love or unrequited romance with out bias…TT-TT sadness… I am also working only now on chapter 2 of U.R. lol sorry. but this one will be the fastest to get done and finished lol. i know what i wanna do in this chapter…lol …
I L.O.L too much huh? I'm a happy person on outside. I love smiling and laughing though inside I'm killing everyone and having world domination mwauahahaha!!!!
WORLD DOMINATION!!! I WILL HAVE IT!! yo man chill…sorry.
I'm a monster maybe a ganster. I rap and give you my back, thats that, I know my rap is whack,,,,

Who's the monster-

My rap mon is!
*spazzstic dance* *rap mon dance* Uhhuhhuhuhuhoooo …So far blank page lol…buuuuut this one too will be fast and easy to get done.
Ashes, ashes we all fall down… Sexy monster, love this boy. He's a good rapper and leader. Sigh… This on good! Even I don't know who the monster is and I'm writing it!!
My U.B. is next…he's the death of me… I don't think I can put pics…and gifs of him… TT-TT STRESSED!


That kills.

I have no jams. I'm a jamless alien weirdo…
I can't do it… just don't look. LUZ, DONT LOOK.
I can't…I just can't…ugh…My brain finally shut up…it died… >///<
Goodness jimin… uh oh my Jimin … I can't breath… uh I couldn't even look… hopefully its all Jimin up there.
Um so yeah I have only one paragraph on chapter 5 of a Darker Truth. Why? Cause it's Jimin… I can't think when it come to him…sigh ..
Oh the seventh Fic I'm working one is called -

Silently Beautiful

Which cover you like best??
It's an all BTS but out of 7 one may get the girl…idk… lol
Takes place at school/academy.
Yup yup, well thats all I gotta go, sorry for any misspells I was rushing at end. PEACE MY PUPS!
Alpha has work!
~I'M out!
P.S. @ShailaZaman & @KpopGaby Thank you for helping me withy stories! they gave me ideas.

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@MYAlpha I don't live far from Dallas. its about an hour's drive from where I live.
@MYAlpha Really? I love going to Louisiana. I don't go often though. You'll be moving to Dallas? That's not to from where I live. ☺
@MelissaGarza I live in louisiana but I'll be moving to Dallas texas
@MYAlpha I live in Waco, TX you?
@MYAlpha Haha of course
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