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(The next morning I wake up early to make breakfast for everyone so I made pancakes, eggs, and Bacon. I was finishing up everything when I get back hugged and I already knew who it was.) "Morning Joshua you hungry I'll set the table can you go wake everyone else?" Of course be back in a minute. (He kisses my cheek before leaving out the kitchen meanwhile I set the food in the dining room.) (Soon after I was done setting the table everyone comes in with sleepy faces which makes me chuckle a little.) "You all we're never one for waking up early anyway dig in". (I sit down next to Joshua and start eating. we all chatted about stuff that happened in the past and about how I was when I first got here. we all laughed together and had fun and it was just beginning.) (We decided since we didn't have anything to do we would go out and have fun. We went shopping for me some clothes first.) "How do I look?" (He blushes before speaking.) Every time you come out in outfit it's beautiful just like you. (Joshua says as the others nod in agreement. We buy all the outfits I tried on before getting some bubble tea.) "Honestly I've only had bubble tea once in my life but I really like it thanks Hoshi, Dino for treating me". It was just us being us beside whatever makes you smile makes us smile. (I hug them then we go to the amusement park and ride tons of rollercoasters, played mini games I got everyone a Teddy bear and they got me a giant Teddy bear.) "Oh I love it it's so cute!" (I hug the Teddy bear tight.) Hey let's go on the Ferris wheel. (I gulp loudly before some of us enter in one cart while the rest enter in the other. sitting next to Joshua and Mingyu we start to go up and when we reached the top it stopped.) (I wasn't sure what to do so I hide my face in Joshua's chest holding mingyu's hand tightly I was afraid of heights. They chuckle lightly before telling me to open my eyes. I open them slowly then look out the window it was so pretty everything was lit up.) "It's so pretty!" (We we're let down and when everyone got out fireworks started and we stood their and watched. we all join in a group hug and after the fireworks was over we headed home.) -later at the palace- "What did you all want to show me?" You'll see just no peaking. (They guide me somewhere so I wait till the say I can open my eyes.) You can open your eyes now. (I gasp at the beautifully decorated room.) "It's so beautiful is this all for me?" Yep we decided this can be a room you come to if you want to just relax or even get some fresh air it has a balcony. "This I wonderful this will be our room I want to share it with everyone... you know this would also be a great practice room". Yeah let's go for it care to join us yui? "That would be great let's go. (We started dancing and when it got to Joshua's part me and him did it together. Aju nice!! We had so much fun together that we stayed up dancing and singing to different songs by different groups until we fell asleep in their.) Who else dreams of this whole day happening? We'll here is chapter 8 I hope everyone likes it this took me an hour to come up with anyway until next time carats Annyeong @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding
*Bonus* Two random picture from Vixx The fact that they look this sexy is to elegal
@VatcheeAfandi99 you can do it fighting!!!!!
Yes yes just need to catch up 😂😂😂 I CAN DO IT
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@BrennaHarding I have a wonderful idea you just wait I'm gonna start now
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