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Okay, so we all know Levi moonlights as a Disney Princess, but what about this adorable butterfly? Jugo's camaraderie with small critters is certainly similar to that of a Disney Princess! He's such a sweetie! If only he didn't have that curse mark sending him on the occasional rampage...
I love Abridged series, anything I hear Takahata101 in, is good enough for me. And no kidding, I always like Jugo.
@SuperWolverBat I haven't seen DBZ, only TFS's DBZA, but he may qualify as well😂 But I mean just look at him!
of course 😆 he's just a Disney Princess in disguise @OtakuDemon10
@Konsutansu makes him even more of a candidate, don't you think? 😆
Cinderella was basically a maid slave to her stepmother and stepsisters. Snow White's mom tried to kill her. Aurora was cursed and put to sleep by a witch. Jugo has a curse that sometimes makes him turn into a beast. They all have their fair share of problems.
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