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Your perspective Pairing: Jimin x reader Warning: mature content
29th July We did it. Jimin and I went public this morning and since then the media has blown up. I was chilling at my dorm with Jimin when an alert popped up. 'Mack earns the new name of Bangtan's Bitch' I glanced at Jimin, who was too engrossed in his video game to notice, and opened the article. 'Mackenzie from Plendis Entertainment is now dating Park Jimin just a day after the split with Namjoon was reported. Hardcore fans came up with the name considering the multiple relationships she has had with BTS members. Some fans are even starting bets as to when the two will break up and who she will go for next.'
Media doesn't get to me, I made that pretty clear. This one...... This.... I'm sorry, this one was different. It hurt. Okay, it stung like a massive needle being pierced through my skull and heart at the same time. It killed. "A-are you alright babe?" I quickly shut off my phone. "No-nothing" "Let me see" he easily took my phone from my hands. I was too emotional to clench onto it properly. Stupid Y/N, I hadn't closed the tab. "Bangtan's Bitch?" He yelled dissatisfied with the stupid name, "How dare they?!"
"J-" tears were forming at this point "See what they did to you!" "It's okay I ca-" "I know you say you can deal with it but you obviously can't deal with this. It struck a nerve" I numbly nodded, sobbing quietly. "It'll be okay, I'm here" He cradled me in his arms as my phone almost blew up. ~5 messages from Squishgi~ ~3 messages from Taeddy~ ~2 messages from Hopeok~ ~a missed call from Namonster~ ~a message from Prince Jin~ ~6 messages and a missed call from Kook the monster~ The last one almost made me choke.
Let's take this one step at a time. ~from Prince Jin: OMG they had no right to call you our bitch. You are more like our princess than anything. Stay strong Mack.~ ~from Hopeok: Bitch huh? You aren't in the slightest. Don't worry~ ~from Hopeok: you can talk it out with me if you need to. Always here~ ~from Taeddy: Bangtan's beach! Bangtan's Bitch? Beach! Bitch?~ ~from Taeddy: ok maybe that joke was a bit uncalled for but I hope it made you laugh~ ~from Taeddy: call me if it gets too much, you're too precious to be hurt~ Heh, at least Taehyung made me smile.
~From Squishgi: I swear... Calling you a bitch, uncalled for. Don't even waste your time on those stupid reporters~ ~from Squishgi: I hope Jimin is doing a good job to calm you. If he isn't I will be over there in a flash, I promise~ ~from Squishgi: M, please tell me, are you okay about this whole thing? I can help you if you aren't~ ~from Squishgi: tell you what, you can come by mine whenever, I've fully reloaded on ice cream now and it's your favourite~ ~from Squishgi: anyway, bitches are female dogs and dogs are loveable, just like you. Maybe see it that way even if it's hard for you to think postively.~ All reassurance now came the hardest part... Jungkook's messages.
~Bitch huh? Well you certainly aren't all of Bangtan's bitch~ ~Maybe that came out wrong. They might have not used the right word but at least it shows you're close to us. Quite close indeed ;)~ ~God I need to phrase this well. I assume that the rest of the boys have sent you reassurance and 'you can come to me' texts.~ ~I don't want to knock it but we are all here for you, bitch or not~ ~which you aren't but I'm trying not to be cheesy like the rest of them~ ~but yeah, I doubt you'll need it but I guess I can be there for support~
6? All the others that actually fully cared about me sent less than that so why had he sent me 6? I showed all the messages to Jimin and he laughed. "Yeah I got at least one message from each of the boys too" I read his messages. He had 2 from Tae, one from Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok, 3 from Yoongi and 5 from Jungkook. I asked him to show me the messages but he refused to for some of them, especially Jungkook's. What was this? Why did all the boys seem so protective of Jungkook when it came to you?
Kookie will be next is my suspicion if things don't go well with Jimin
I love the Bangtan's Bitch? Bangtan's Beach? Bitch? Beach?
I think Kookie loves her and they all know it