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↝TOP x GD↜ Who is the ALMOND?
What is TOP to Seungri??
TOP Hyung is "ALMOND" and I am a "PEANUT"!! Almond and Peanut gives a great taste!!!
TOP : Yup!! I am the "ALMOND"!!!
GD: NO...you are not the "ALMOND"
GD: But I think I am the "ALMOND" and TOP is the "CHOCOLATE"
TOP: NO!!! I am the "ALMOND" !!!!! GD: NO!!! you are the "CHOCOLATE"!!!! Segunri: I am still the "PEANUT"
I love this so much lol
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Lmao I like how chill Seungri is in the last gif and then how Daesung just pops up in the corner behind him like "Sup" ~~😎😎
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