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Tired of catching Ekans...or Pidgey... or the damn Rattata? xD And still have a bunch of Water Type Pokèmon that you still haven't caught yet? ... THEN GO TO THE BEACH!

So yesterday my cousin and I went Pokèmon Hunting but this time we took the hunting to the BEACH! There are so many PokèStops & Pokèmon there that you can literally level up in 30 min!

O.o I bet some of you are like... in 30 minutes? How?!

By using Incense & Lucky Egg AT THE SAME TIME!

(The images above are not from me but from Google xD I wish I has 116 Pokè Balls)

Before I went to the Beach I was at Level 11... now I'm Level 14!! So trust me when I say use them because this stuff is GOLD!

Here are some of the Pokèmon I cuaght last night!

(TuT yes.. I am aware that the CP & My my Stardust are at all all time low.. TuT but I used it all on powering up my top 3 babies)

Anyway xD I totally recommend you going to the beach and using your Lucky Egg AND Incense AT THE SAME TIME (Dont forget that! XD)

I hope this helps you guys in some way and if it does Make a card of all of your new Pokèmon and tag me in it!! Until then Go Catch Them All!!


Now I need to go to the beach (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ that baby seal is too cute.
@buddyesd Makes sense😂😂
@AimeBolanos I was having fun😁
@buddyesd Omg .... why
I was just in Kemah and totally forgot to go poke hunting😩
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