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-A year later- (I wake up to sun rays beaming me in the eyes that's when I realized what today is so I grab his present and run to his room when I bump into someone.) "Joshua?"....Lya... I was just coming to see you. (we both say in unison before laughing then we get up.) "Oh here happy One year anniversary". thanks here's your first gift the next gift is waiting in the practice room. (We walk up to the practice room and when I open the door I saw something I never thought I'd see.) Surprise!!! (Everybody says while I stood in shock it was one of my favorite groups ever.) "I can't believe you got vixx to come here... hi I'm yui it's so nice to finally meet you all". (just then N comes up and holds my hand.) It's nice to meet you to. "OMG he's holding my hand I totally wasnt expecting this". (I hug Vixx before they tell me the next surprise.) Your next surprise will be at seventeens concert you will be sitting with us so let's get going. "OMG you really went all out I'm so happy right now". (We drive to where the concert is to see millions of fans waiting so we make our way to the front row and I take my seat with Vixx. we watched them perform tons of songs then Joshua invites me up on stage.) "Oh my gosh what are you doing". (He holds my hand an asked me to to sing with them on very nice. I was so nervous but at the same time when I looked at him all my nervousness went away.) Achimen moningkol pilsudeon naega oneureon beonjjeok beonjjeok nuni tteojineunga (We sang happily together and I think it earned me a few.) I gibuneun mwoya eotteokhae aju nice aju nice gibun gibun gibun nice aju nice. (It was coming up to the high note and they all want me to do it so I'll give it a shot.) "Jinjihande tteungeumeoptjiman tteungemeoptjiman Woah oneul man marya!!! aji nice aju nice gibun gibun gibun Woah nice aju nice" "lets go" Oneul harudo aju jeulgewosseoyo daeum deiteudo ppalli haesseum johgesseoyo jip deryeoda juneun giri neomudo jjalpayo naeil I sigane tto mannayo (Joshua twirls me around then we end in a beautiful pose then the crowd cheers loud and it was time for them to talk to the fans.) Hey yui I'm sure they have stuff to ask you so stay up here for a while. "Umm okay". Anyway did you all like yui's performance? (Nae!!!!) "Thanks you all so much it was an honor to perform for you all Saranghae and I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me". -later at the palace with Vixx- Wow you we're great you should definently be an idol it's a lot of work but it's really nice think about it okay. "Thanks so much everyone this was totally the best day ever let's head up to the practice room and watch Vixx do some choreography to their songs". (We watched Vixx perform dynamite, chained up, and hot enough after that I dozed off. -Joshua's Pov- (I carry her to her room then lay her in her bed. I kiss her forehead before saying goodnight.) This one is pretty good hope you like it if it's any idol you want me to do a short story on let me know I have one request already anyway until next time carats Annyeong @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding