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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 6 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson & Yugyeom of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Y/N's POV You were surprised Minhyuk was one of Changkyun's men. Damn you had been so close and you didn't even know it. When you looked through Yugyeom's file though, you realized something.: Haneul and him had been working together to screw over Changkyun. At least that was your theory, you were planning on proving it once you found him. He was a cute kid though or in this case he was older than you. You wondered how you would approach him but you had to becareful this time, you really were hunting alone. "Are you out of your mind?!" Jackson yelled at you. Mark was back at the dorm and he had been listening to you guys talking about your mission. He was still annoyed with you for being claimed as Wonho's. Yoongi and the others were sitting around listening as well. That annoyed look on his face reminded you of your brother. "Look the deal was he gives me blood and the charm for Yoongi and I take this Yugyeom guy out. Well not out, I have to weaken him or something." you said. "Y/N you said so yourself this guy is strong. Luring him in like you did Haneul is not going to work especially since we can't use and don't have any ultraviolet equipment." Jackson ranted. "Then what do you want me to do Jackson? They're expecting me to bring a body and they already know what the guy looks like. It's too late to back out now." "I'm not telling you to back out I'm tell you you're not going alone." "Yes I am. Look everyone knows the Huntress has a wolf by her side so I can't take you. I'm not taking Mark and any of his men they're just a distraction and I don't want to be responsible for their lives-" "Then take Yoongi." Jackson interjected. "No he's just a baby. Don't volunteer people for things they don't want to do." you said growing more annoyed. "Actually I'll help." Yoongi said. You turned to him with raised eyebrows. His friends were silent but they all looked at him too. He just shrugged, "Look we didn't try and track you down so that I could sit on the side lines and watch you do what I can't. If that was going to happen we wouldn't have gone through all of this." "Yoongi you're not strong enough to take him on." You said. "I don't have to take him on but I can still help. I can be a distraction or something. Jackson is staying here he can watch the guys." he said. "Hey." Jackson interjected. "What you can volunteer someone else but we can't volunteer you?" both you and Yoongi spoke at the same time. You looked at each other and you couldn't help but mutter a chuckle. "I don't like how close you two are getting." Jackson complained. "Well you wanted me to go with someone. I guess that's it." you said. You stood up to go to your room, all your hunting gear was still in your bag. You needed to travel light for two reasons: you weren't about to waste ammo ment for Changkyun on him and you didn't need much since you couldn't kill him. Yoongi knocked on the pane of your open door and you told him to come in as you were loading your gun with the wooden core bullets. "Can you fire a gun?" you asked. "No not really." "Well then you're taking the wooden stakes. Everything else is too dangerous for you to touch. Although, I'm still going to need you to take the guns. You can give it to me when I'm ready." "I thought you weren't killing him." he said. "I'm not." "Then why are you taking the wooden stakes?" "I need sliver to fend him off a little. The guns are to wound him. Lodging these little suckers into the limbs hurts like hell trust me. Besides, if I can make a big enough hole I can drain him off his blood that will make him weak for sure." you said. "Well when he smells your blood won't he go crazy?" "I actually don't know, which is why I've spent the last two hundred years learning how to think on my feet. I could set him on fire if need be trust me that shirt hurts to." "I'm suddenly starting to regret joining you." he said narrowing his eyes. You chuckled and packed everything in the bag and handed it to him. "Come on, I have a good idea of where he'll be." Yugyeom was stealing money from Changkyun's bars which was what Haneul was doing to Changkyun's casinos. If you were right Haneul and Yugyeom were working together. Jackson said that his source mentioned Haneul had a partner but he couldn't find out who it was. If he had gone any deeper he would've gotten found out. That was fine, it gave you enough of an idea to make up a cover. You had Yoongi go to the building across the street and take a seat by the window. You walked into a bar called Nightside. It wasn't strictly a Vampire bar but Vampires were flooding it. Most of the seats were taken up. You had to be careful how you showed off your blood. You looked around for a seat trying to see if you could catch sight of Yugyeom. You sat down and ordered a drink at the bar. Alcohol normally hurt but once a vampire drank from you after you'd taken three shots and his reaction was beyond what you expected. It was like he was hallucinating while his throat was on fire. You had to be really determined to drink again though cause honestly it hurt you too but far less than it did them. You took the drink sip by sip then turned your head to the side your lip twitching a bit. The horrible taste of alcohol was killing you, you didn't know how any human enjoyed this. You heard a chuckle come from beside you and you turned your head. Yugyeom had sat down beside you. Well looks like you were right about him being here. Where did he come from though? "I'm guessing you're not a big fan of drinking are you?" he said. You looked at him disinterested and said, "Why would you guess that?" "I could see your reflection in the mirror just now." he said pointing at the mirror at the bar. You could also see three other men dressed in black clothes by the door. You looked at Yugyeom dressed in all black. He gave you a smile, you stood up and turned as if you were going to the ladies room. You placed your hand on the bar counter and leaned in to whisper the bait lowly in his ear. "Haneul sends his regards." You headed into the women's room and looked at your eyes. They weren't purple yet, you were happy about that. You had a small sliver chain in your pocket. It was thin and looked non-threatening but it was durable and that was what you needed. Yugyeom seemed to suspect you already but you hoped your comment about Haneul would steer him in a different direction. You heard footsteps by the women's room door. With those giant oafs by the door, you'd have to cause a big commotion to distract them. Your scent was masked as well as Hoseok's but it suddenly occurred to you that you and Hoseok were outside on the public speaking to each other today. Not to mention one of those jackasses by the door you recognized. He was the one Wonho scared away the night you two met. You bit your lip, the only other distraction you had was your blood being spilt but you had no idea of the reactions of the vampires there. There was one other option to use your watch that had a high pitched noise that Vampires ears could pick up. You first wanted to see what you could get out of Yugyeom. You kept your hand in your pocket and walked out. Those footsteps came from Yugyeom walking up to the bathroom door. When you opened it up, he was leaning against the opposite wall. Luckily your watch had a recording feature too. You made it a note to thank Youngjae, Jackson's tech friend, for all the things he made for you. He made your flash bomb ring and supplied you with your sliver knives and swords and the ammo for the twins. "Is there something you'd like to say?" You spoke rudely. "I'm not as stupid as Haneul, I know you're working with Wonho." he said. "Am I now? Well then I can just tell Haneul that you said that." "Haneul's dead the Huntress killed him a few days ago." You chuckled, "If you really think the Huntress did that you're an idiot just like the rest of them. Haneul is hiding out because I.M and his men found out that he was working with you. I.M is pissed that his money is missing and he's about to send the largest bounty he can think of just for your head alone." you lied "Then where the hell is Haneul?" he asked. "Hiding... Yes from you and I.M. That's why he sent me but it seems you're here to meet someone else." "Why would you think that?" "Because you thought Haneul was dead yet you still came here. You know I'd be happy to give you anything you want but I'm not doing it here. With all the Vamps in this place, I don't feel too safe." "What if I force it out of you instead?" "You can try." you smirked at him. He suddenly lunged forward to grab your neck. He squeezed tight enough to make you cough and slightly gasp for hair. "How about one more try, where's the money Haneul owes me?" he said through gritted teeth. His eyes were now red and he was inches away from you, his body pressing against yours. You took a moment to fix your watch making sure the recording was finished. You got all you really needed to get out of him. You kicked him the groin and he released your neck to cover his crotch while writhing in pain. You would think by now they'd figure out that they need some protection down there. You cleared your throat, easing the pain away. "You really need to learn how to treat a lady." you said. You kneed him pretty hard so he was still wracked with pain even as his fellow guards showed up to help him. One went to help him while two went to grab you. You whipped out your silver chain whipping the first guy in front of you right in the face as you backed up. You kicked behind you hitting the second Vampire in the stomach and sending him back into the wall. You ducked under two punches the first Vampire was sending before you wrapped your chain around his neck. You circled around him, back to back then, using the chain, you flung him over your shoulder. Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous was all you could think. There were plenty of Vampires up front and you didn't know which ones were with him. So much for lying your way out of the bar. Plan B was distraction. The second Vampire came up behind you and you struggled in his grasp before you stepped on his foot and threw your head back to hit him in the nose. The one you threw and the one taking care of Yugyeom, who was now standing up, grabbed onto you. The one on your right wasn't paying attention to the silver on your hand and burned himself which gave you enough time to fling him into the other one. Yugyeom had just about enough of the little dance and came up to grab you. His arm gripped your body from behind while his hand caught your throat again. Really, the throat? Again? You couldn't help but ridicule him in your head. "You're good for a human I'll give you that." he said in your ear. "You ain't seen nothing yet." you said. Your hands were still free and you hit the button on your watch to release the high pitched sound to hurt their ears. Yugyeom, being the closet to you, got it the worse. He immediately let go of you and covered his ears. The screams of pain coming from every other Vampire in the bar came through the hall too. You took off the watch quickly tossing it randomly so it would take them a moment to find. You grabbed Yugyeom and forced him outside with you. Once you two were outside you knew he'd get his strength back but you were planning to use your blood to help you out. You kicked him out of the door, he was still picking up the sound. Yoongi had seen you and you wiped your lip, that was the previous agreement that, that was the signal for him to move. You wrapped the chain around Yugyeom's wrists hearing the sizzle from his flesh. You moved just after Yoongi had left, he moved to an abandoned building in the city and you shortly followed. He was to stay out of range enough that he wasn't seen. He was covered in garlic like you so it blocked his scent from Yugyeom. Once you got him to the abandoned building he was out of range of the sound just enough to gain his senses back. He snapped your chain on his wrist and turned around quickly to fling you into the wall. A pained gasp escaped your lips. You had to admit you didn't think he'd be strong enough to do that. The chain was strong but not indestructible. Still you knew you'd have to weaken him before getting him to the X clan. He grabbed you again by the throat and tossed you into one of the support beams, part of the ceiling dusted down in front of you as you let out pained moans. "You fucking bitch you think you can just do that to me? Who the hell are you really working for?" he said as he stalked towards you. You had your hand wrapped around your body and the other hand was supporting you to stay upright. You were in pain you couldn't deny that. Still you had to stick to the plan and get this done quickly. You bit your lip hard inserting your fangs deep. You opened your mouth with a gasp. You're eye twitching in pain. The scent of your blood hit him like a wall. He stumbled back and stopped moving you. You used the shadows in the room to your advantage. You moved quickly out of his sight. You dripped your blood on the walls continuously surrounding him till your blood filled the room. Your lips healed and you licked the remaining blood away. You forgot Yoongi was in the room too. By now he probably closed his nose or left to keep himself under control. It was one thing to smell your blood while he was full but another for your blood to be open and exposed freely to drink. Full or not he'd want a drink. Yugyeom was growling at this point you could see his eyes glowing red as he moved around searching for you. You moved quickly to your bag pulling out your silver blade and a wooden stake until you suddenly flung forward. "There you are, what a beautiful smell. I'd love to try some." Yugyeom said pretty much insane at this point. You looked at him breathing heavily. "Then come try some." you urged with a smirk. You didn't see that he'd grabbed a wooden stake from your bag as well. When he appeared before your face he shoved the stake into your hand. You screamed in pain, you could hear him laugh. "Fuck!" you shouted. "Maybe later but for now I want to drink." he said. You glared at him but his mouth was down on your neck in a second. He held your other hand down so you couldn't move it. You were still holding your knife and moving it to cut him would be difficult. You could feel yourself getting hungry. A growl of your own breaking through open room. You could hear him lapping up the blood on your neck. Any other time that sound would've made you break out a corny yet dirty joke but right now you were trying to focus. A sound came from the other side of the room which distracted Yugyeom. He hadn't let go of you yet. That must've been Yoongi. Well, he really did come in handy. He made another noise in the same spot but it was a little more noticeable. Yugyeom pulled back his hand to get up and you quickly struck his neck with the silver. The Twins slid up to your side form behind you as you were pulling the wooden stake out of your hand. Yugyeom was holding his neck in pain. A gurgling sound coming from his mouth. His neck would heal especially with your blood but by now you could already tell that the effect of the alcohol had come in to play. As he reached for you, he missed completely like he was seeing double. Your hand was healing slowly though, he took a lot more from you than you intended. You shoved the wooden stake in his leg, you quickly moved from under him as he started to fall down. His neck wasn't completely healed but it was healed enough that he could move his hand to his leg. You have Silver and Stone in hand and shot at his hands as they reached to pull out the wooden stake. "I don't fucking think so. You took more than you were supposed to. You've been a very very naughty boy." You said. You shot him twice in his other leg and once in his shoulder. There was another noise that came from the opposite side of the room but this sounded like multiple people. It smelled like the men from the bar. They probably followed the scent of Yugyeom's blood or the sound of your screams. They came from behind to rush you but you turned around shooting both of them with precision right in the heart. The third one you couldn't pin point. You listened carefully, turning slowly to see if Yugyeom was still there, he was, half conscious to be exact. You were just turning when you saw him finally coming for you. Normally your reaction time was quicker but you faltered for some reason. Yoongi jumped in front of you with the wooden stake. He jumped in front of you just in time that when the third one attacked he'd ran right into the stake before he had a chance to think. Yoongi was panting, he dropped the stake on the ground and looked at Yugyeom. "Thanks." you said actually grateful you brought him along. He just nodded, his eyes still locked on Yugyeom who was half laughing from his visions. He looked a mess, he reminded you of a junkie completely of out his mind. He couldn't move around much with the bullets in him. You shot him twice more this time in the stomach. Yoongi looked at you as if to ask if it was necessary. You shrugged and said, "They want him alive but I can't bring him back until he's drained enough. This will move the process along quicker." you explained. That didn't seem to ease him at all. In fact, it made him look more disturbed. You sighed, this was the reason you didn't want to bring him along. You knew very well you were a monster and you didn't really care that you were. However, Yoongi was still young, he'd probably never killed anyone sense his girlfriend. Technically he didn't even kill her, he just drank her blood after she died. Speaking of blood you'd need some too but drinking right now was no good. Yoongi had seen enough of your bad side. You brought out your thicker silver chains and wrapped Yugyeom's wrists in them behind him and then around his neck. His flesh smelled like it was baking as it cut into his skin. You looked to Yoongi. "Go home." you said. Yoongi looked at you, "You know you can't come with me. Go home, take the bag with you." you repeated. He nodded and grabbed the bag then headed for the door but you called out, "And be careful!" You probably didn't need to say it but being older than him you kind of felt like you had to be responsible enough to tell him. You lifted up Yugyeom as best as you could, the hole in your hand was smaller but it wasn't healed completely. You took in a deep breath and gathered enough strength to flit to the bar. You dropped Yugyeom on the floor but instead of the three you left behind earlier that evening, there were six Vampires in total. You were panting and stumbled backwards a little. You cursed trying to get a grip. Wonho was immediately by your side to hold you up. His hands cupped your face to look you in the eyes. You used the last of your energy your Vampire abilities would provide to get you two there. You really needed to eat and at times like these you normally ate human food. You hadn't eaten anything since you drank blood the night before. An older tan man standing before. the others looked at you and Wonho and said, "Who is this?" "She's mine. The one we were discussing." Hoseok said looking back at him. "I can't believe she actually did it. Looks like you beat the life out of him." Jooheon said. "I can remove the silver he's probably drained enough. He's unconscious now I doubt he'll wake up anytime soon." you said. Hoseok leaned into your ear. "You need eat first." You nodded. He tiled your head up to his neck and he leaned down a little just as Minhyuk said. "Guys Y/N's a half life." "I was wondering what that smell was. It's almost heavenly." you saw a taller boy with plump lips say. By now you had bit into Hoseok neck, in addition to rarely drinking human blood you had never drank Vampire blood before. It was almost cosmic, it was definitely a different flavor from all the other times you drank blood. You didn't lose your control though, not the way you would with human blood. You could hear the same sounds Yugyeom made when he drank from you coming from your own mouth. He tasted amazing! You almost couldn't handle it, blood could actually have this flavor? It probably tasted this way because you were a half life, you didn't really know. You couldn't even describe it. You had pulled him in closer to you as you raised on your tip toes to drink more. Hoseok hadn't made a peep, he simply let you drink. You finally pulled yourself away from him but his hand was to the back of your head. "Are you sure it's enough?" he whispered. "If I drink any more I won't stop. I'm fine." you said a little turned on now. He let you go but stayed close. You licked your lips to make sure all the blood was off. He stole a kiss from you quickly before he looked at the others. "Shownu, she did what we couldn't do. She captured Yugyeom for us and she's younger than all of us." Oh, so that was Shownu he was tanner than the other's and had short black hair. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt and it accented his thick arms way more than he needed. He was definitely attractive but definitely dangerous. You could sense it. "If I don't get that chain off his neck it'll melt through his neck then you'll be out of a vampire. Shit!" you said. You just remembered the recording of your conversation was on the watch. If his buddies came along that means they probably found it and broke it. Hoseok looked at you confused. "That guy Haneul, he was working with him to steal from I.M. I had the recording but it was on my watch I had to chuck it to get away." you explained. "How do you know about Haneul?" Shownu asked. "His name was in the file of people he'd come across in the past sick months so I used it as a cover. After that, it was pretty much easy to get him to admit they were working together." you half lied. His name actually was in the file and you did use it as a cover but you had known a lot more about Haneul than you let on. Shown looked to Hoseok, "Wonho, she may have captured him but it still won't sit well with I.M. She's a Hunter." "He wants the Huntress doesn't he?" Hoseok said quickly. You cocked an eyebrow looking back at him. He was still looking at Shownu very seriously. So that was his angle? It might be fun to lead them on long enough to kill Changkyun. Still you saw it somewhere in his eyes that he just wanted you alive. You didn't even realize until now he was holding your hand, his fingers were interlocked with yours. "She's obviously skilled enough, we could use her Shownu." one of the other Vampires said. He had light brown hair and pink lips. He was beautiful too, they all were. The other one standing in front of Minhyuk, he spoke earlier he had plump lips and looked like he was pouting. He stared back at you and Hoseok. You freed your hand from Hoseok and unwrapped the sliver from around Yugyeom's throat; it had dug in enough, if stayed on any longer he really would've died. You stepped back to observe the others, Jooheon was the next to speak, "I hate to admit it but Kihyun is right. She's talented and she was able to help out enough that we got everything else we needed done. Ask him if we can keep her Shownu." "Thanks but I'm not a dog you know. Just let him see me and he can decide for himself." You said. "We're talking about the King of the Vampires and you're acting as if it's an everyday occurrence. We should just kill her to give her mercy now." the pouting face one said. "Hyungwon she's mine. None of you gets a say in what happens to her." Hoseok snapped. "No one except this King of Vampires." you said instigating things with a smile. Hoseok looked at you like he was pleading for you to stop acting so confident. You knew very well what you were getting yourself into; you didn't need any of them telling you who Lim Changkyun was. Hoseok came to you and kissed your forehead. You didn't know why but you just hugged him back. It was like when you kissed him before you left. You weren't entirely sure what a claim did to humans but maybe it had that effect on you too. The kind of effect that pulled you towards the Vampire you belonged to. You thought Hoseok was attractive before he claimed you but you never would've allowed him to do sweet things like this to you, especially not in front of others. You had to keep your other hand back because you were still holding the chain. Suddenly the boys looked up, "He's here." Hoseok said. "I thought he wouldn't arrive till tomorrow." Jooheon said getting off the desk he was sitting on. Hoseok moved away from you to get near his brothers, they all stood at an attention. "Have you checked your watch it's eleven minutes past midnight." Kihyun said. "Y/N put the chain down, he'll get the wrong idea." Minhyuk said. You sighed but chucked the chain to the side. A door behind them opened up and in walked the Vampire whose blood you wanted to shed. You kept and eye on him as walked in he didn't notice you yet, the garlic on you still masking enough of your scent. Your blood was rushing though. The first time you and seen him in two hundred years since he killed your family and left you for dead. You couldn't calm the adrenaline rushing through your veins. He turned to you catching your scent now; his eyes widened in complete shock. "Y/N?" he said. The boys looked to him confused that he knew you. Within a second he was in your face, his hand cupped your cheek and the other one snaked around you waist too quick for you to stop or pull away. His lips were crashing over yours excited while you were still burning inside with hate......
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OHH NO Wonho is NOT gonna like that I.M!!
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