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So, I shall rightfully tag @cindystran this time for starting this little challenge. I apologize again for getting it wrong the first time :) But also a big thanks to @biancadanica98 for sharing it ^^
This is, by far, the hardest question and I'm only on day 2 -insert crying face-
I have so many favorite kdramas. Like, "Pinocchio", "She Was Pretty", "Fated to Love You", etc. Plus! "Doctor Crush" and "W" are slowly creeping up my list of favorites!
But if I had to choose one...just'll be...
"Prosecutor Princess" This was the second drama that I watched and I fell in love with Park Si Hoo. The acting in this was amazing! The plot, the script, the actors, the OST (don't even get me started on the OST), just basically everything about this drama was perfect! I've watched this drama 3 times already and it never fails to bore me. It's the one I always go back to when I can't find new dramas to watch :) Also, this drama made my heart flutter so many times...especially the kiss scenes or any of his comforting scenes. Like, gah, squee fest (>.<)
Thanks for the tag!!! You really didn't have to apologize! It's cool! :) Gahhhh and Prosecutor Princess is such a good drama. In the beginning I thought the main lead is just another Legal Blonde type of gal but I fell in love with her character. She's very entertaining to watch and she's such a great actress. Can you believe she was the same girl from Two Weeks?
Boys Over Flower!
@GamerKyumin OK I saw her in that then, it was an okay drama. She took a while to get used too, she looks old-fashioned.
@biancadanica98 I believe so...that's also a drama that I need to watch (>.<)
@GamerKyumin She plays in Falling For Innocence doesn't she?
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