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Okay, I'm gonna be honest with ya. Characters with Red and White hair are my biggest weaknesses. Mostly Red heads though. I don't know why, maybe its because they tend to more bad ass, the world may never know, but here are some pictures of my favorite Red heads from anime. Let's begin.
Gildarts, the S - class Fairy Tail Wizard. Uh, hello??? HES AWESOME!!! Not only is he considered the strongest wizard in the guild, but he's the father of a super strong wizard as well, Cana. He is definitely one of my favorite red heads.
Erza Scarlet, another S - Class Fairy Tail Wizard. This red head took on over a hundred monsters at once to claim victory for her team in the Grand Magic Games. If that doesn't scream bad ass, I don't know what does.
One of the powerful Yonku as well as a former member of the Roger Pirates, this red head, like Gildarts in Fairy Tail, is a major powerhouse in One Piece. With out Shanks there would be not Strawhats!!!
Eustass "Captain" Kid of the Kid Pirates. One of the 12 members of The Worst Generation, as well as the only member to have a higher bounty then our protagonist Luffy before the time skip (Beating Luffy by 15 million). One of the monster trio. I'm not gonna lie, this guy might be one of the biggest douches you ever meet, but that doesn't make him any less bad ass.
Mikoto Suoh, The Red King. We have seen how much power this guy has a king. He's a great leader and fighter, and stand up nicely to the other red heads on this this.
The Hero Emilia or as she's know in our world Emi Yusa. The half angle, half human who fights on humanitys behalf to defeat the Dark Lord Satan, and no, not Rins dad. This feisty little red hails from Ente Isla, from the wonderful anime/manga The Devil is a Part-timer. I couldn't fit all the characters on this card so there with be another card or two, I'm not sure yet. @LuffyNewman @KurosakiJess @HunnaBallue @ChrisStephens @OtakuDemon10 @DevilsSon
I love your choice in anime
gildarts hair is brown not red
totally agreed with the red king
@soccermonarch lol thanks xD
@ReillySkinner well crap the more ya know xD