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Dee looked up at the man. The ladder looked back at her and smiled. Your brother had a busy schedule. Since Im his manager I kinda have to do this He scratches the back of his neck. Kihyun Oppa? thanks, I dont know my way around here so really, Thanks Kihyun smiled at Dee and walked ahead of her. Its no problem, you can call me oppa. Its fine. But to let you know his members dont know you Kihyun said. Dee nodded and followed. One of her many questions were answered. Her brother never said anything. Did he say anything about their family? Has he said anything about are family? Kihyun only sighs at the question. He only told the members that his mother and father cant make it to anything Dee sighed and nodded. She walked into the car and sat in the back. Kihyun took a seat in the passenger seat as the driver started to drive her to Seventeens practice room. Are you sure I should go there Kihyun Oppa? Ne. Joshua asked for it Dee looked out the window and saw signs pass by. She was in Korea to see her brother and where her parents came from. Dee let her mind wander around as the drive went on. She had three hours to spare and and all she could think about was Jisoo and what he was going to say. She looked down at her phone and texted Jia that she was in Korea and alive. Jia texted back immediately about how she was starting to worry for the younger. Dee smiled at her phone and put it into her pocket. She tilted her back and sighed. Closing her eyes, she fell into deep slumber. Dee was shaken awake as they got to the Pledis building. She looked up at Kihyun and rubbed her eyes while yawning. Your things will be taken to your hotel room. I will escort you to the boys Kihyun said. Dee got out of the car and stretched out her legs. She reached up into the air and heard a pop come from her back. She let her arms fall down and shuffled next to Kihyun. Kihyun started to walk towards the building. Dee was a step behind him. She wondered what her brother looked like. She may have listened to a song be seventeen but refused to watch a video of theirs. She wanted to see him in person, not over a screen. She let the air hitch in her throat as they stopped in front of a door. Kihyun looked at her and gave her a look. Dee gave a nod. Stay here for a minute Oh hyung is back! She heard someone yell. Kihyun walked into the room and shut the door behind him. Guys we have a guest so please be on your best behaviour She heard Kihyun say. Kihyun opened the door and nodded his head towards the inside of the room. Dee took small steps into the room. She stopped and let her eyes wander through the boys. Dees eyes landed on Jisoo. Now boys introduce yourselves Kihyun stated. The boys got into a line in front of her. Say the name! Seventeen! Hello we are Seventeen! They said and bowed. Dee bowed back and looked at them in shock. Her brother is in a group with twelve others?! Hello Im Seungcheol aka S.coups the leader Hello Im Wonwoo Hello Im Mingyu Hello Im Hansol aka Vernon Hello Im Soonyoung aka Hoshi leader of the dance group Hello Im Lee Chan aka Dino Hello Im Junhui aka Jun Hello Im Minghao aka The8 Hello Im Jihoon aka Woozi the leader of the vocal team Hello Im Seungkwan Hello Im Seokmin aka DK Hello Im Jeonghan Hello Im Jisoo aka Joshua Jisoo just looked at you then to Kihyun. Kihyun looked at you and nodded as if to say that its her turn. Hello Dee bowed My name is Hong Dee. Im here to visit Jisoo Dee looked over the members. They all looked shocked at her. Jisoo could only look at her blankly. He turned his attention towards Kihyun. I told you to take her to the hotel not here Hyung
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im loving this story but not the cliffhangers😖! can i be tagged please?