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Your least favorite drama
So far this is my least favorite mainly because I didn't understand what was going on the first episode or two
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@biancadanica98 I thought that it was bushi wo but yes, that's the word I meant
I only like this drama because of Kim woo bin and krystal and the drummer from cnblue....I always forget his name when I want to say it.....but it's not even in my top ten. to be honest I feel it is overrated
@biancadanica98 the ending scene is what he hopes for in the future like his dream that the dream catcher caught.... fall in love with me had me dying with laughter. I love a Aaron yan so much he is a talented actor
@VeronicaArtino That's what I thought, and I agree fully. Aaron Yan is my favorite Taiwanese actor, so cute and one amazing actor and singer!
@JiyongLeo You at least love Choi Youngdo though right?! He's is so charming and cool in this drama. I love Chanyoung too. ♡♡♡♡♡