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I just had these intrusive thoughts as I was about to take a glorious nap.
I like Kpop & Korean culture & because I'm proud of the music I listen to & I really enjoy it, I don't care where I am when I turn something Korean on.
With that being said, there are always those people who will question why I'm listening to something I can't understand.
First of all, you don't know WHAT I understand. You don't know WHAT my ethnicity is.
Just because I look black doesn't mean I'm full black, fam (& I'm not). I'm not fluent in anything but English, but I have made it a point to at least learn a little/be able to get around in Spanish & Korean.
Don't make me cuss you out in Korspanglish.
Second, I know I don't look Asian, but you telling me I don't look Asian & then asking me why I listen to Korean music is like asking a non-English speaker why they listen to Beyonc茅.
Just because I don't understand every single word doesn't mean I'm not gonna listen to it. I would miss out on so much good music if I thought like that. dafuq?
Third, this is a memory from when I was in the Korean Club at my University.
We were having a bake sale to raise money because we was broke af. These girls come out & they walk toward the booth because they see someone they recognized near there. They start talking to her & the girl I was with sort of leaned over & said 'hey, y'all should buy some of our stuff to support Korean Club.'
One of the girls says: "But y'all aren't Korean."
She asked if you wanted a cookie. You help us narrow down our ethnicities. Goodbye. I can't even remember if she even bought anything, I just remember how stupid she was. Baby, I know I'm not Korean; you ain't got to tell meeeeeeee.
Fourth, another memory, but from high school.
We were sitting in the cafeteria waiting for our principal to talk to us about our senior trip to Universal Studios. I had seen this one girl around school & she just had a certain vibe to me; she looked pretty chill, on our dress down days (we had a uniform) she would wear clothes that looked like something I would have worn a few years ago, & she hung around some people who knew my people.
Anyway, I finally got to sit near this girl to ask her one simple question: "Do you listen to Kpop?"
She says: "...What?"
So I repeat: "Sorry, I was just wondering if you listened to Kpop? Like Korean pop?"
She narrows her eyes & she says: "No...I don't listen to Kpop..."
Then my stupid self apologizes. wtf past DeLesha?
But, then she turns to her friend & she's like, "ugh, that always happens; just because I look a little bit Asian, people always assume I'm Chinese or Korean or something. I'm not Asian, I'm Black."
I asked you if you listened to Kpop. I did not ask for your family history. I didn't say you looked Asian. Idk where the fuck you got Chinese from because none of the words in my question had a 'C' in them. Why did you just feel so offended that I would ask you if you listened to a specific genre of music? Chiiiiiill pendeja.
I just had to let this go before I took my nap. There were a lot of negative vibes keeping me from having a good dream about Jay & I
You don't mess up my Jay dreams.
What are some of the ignorant things people have done or said to you just because you're interested in/listening/watching something from a culture that looks like it's not your own?
My family just looks at me and just nod their heads and go "uhhuh that's nice dear"...None of my friends around me listen to it, I've always been the odd man out anyway so I'm used to being alone. That's why I love Vingle so much I've found a lot of people with the same taste as me and it's nice.
Same here chica . 馃槶 I like to keep it to myself because people like to make jokes about it .
omg, I get the 'you'll marry a Korean guy,' a lot too. lol. If people are just curious about why someone listens, it's totally cool, but when it's like, 'oh, you're not asian/this ethnicity, so why?' that's when things get a bit annoying. 馃槪 @JohannaTlatench
Basically the same thing as you, the one girl at work I would even consider a friend asked why I listen to something I don't understand. I always answered her because I like it, I get it, and I know some words as for some other people I work with that are older seem more understanding. The one who asked me that is white and the other people are Latinas (not playing any ethnicity cards here), but why they seem more understanding than her I don't get it, oh they also keep saying I'm gonna end up marrying a Korean guy lol.
I've had a couple of my coworkers look at me weird for it, but after awhile they got over it and accepted that I listen to that kind of music. I was considered the "weird" one out if the rest, because I love pokemon, zelda, anime, and I wasn't afraid to show it off. But they come to love that part of me, which made me even more happy 馃槅馃槅 Now whenever we get new trainees that have similar interests, they kinda point them my direction so that we can connect and they wouldn't feel so nervous
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