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You throw the hand towel down and flipped the light switch as you head back into the bedroom. You throw the safety latch on the door and crawl beneath the sheets. 4:30 was going to come way too early. You can handle it; you would have to as most idol schedules began that early so that other performances and social assignments could be met without sacrificing time in the studio.
When your eyes reopen, the clock shows 30 minutes have passed. “UGH” you growl out into the empty room. What is the hardest thing to accomplish when you know you need it? Sleep. Let’s see, happy thoughts – nope nothing happy about a wake up call while it is still considered night. You roll over, grab your cell phone and set google music on repeat for a favorite song. The sleep timer application will allow for 30 minutes or an hour. You'll try 30 minutes and hope for the best. Laying back down you grab the extra pillow and hug it close. Taking a deep breath and closing your eyes as your favorite song comes to life on the night stand. Tong’s voice; so deep and hypnotic brings thoughts of the actual man to mind. Why not? A little dream fantasy to help get to sleep just might do the trick. As it starts playing out. a smile touches your lips and soon you've drifted off.
Exhaustion covers his face as he scrubs his hands up and down his cheeks. The mixes are finished and he can at last head home. Should he head home? Glancing at the wall he realizes it is after 1 o’clock. He has to be back by 5:30, it is at least a 30 minute drive to and from his place. He's sure one of the groups that still have dorms here will let him crash on their couch for the less than full night’s sleep he will get. He makes sure everything's off, back in place, and isn’t any garbage left laying around for the next group coming in the morning. He drags himself up and out the door, down the hall to the new dorm wing. He realizes he needs to pay a little more attention to where he's going or he could end up in the girls dorms. Wouldn’t that be a great scandal? He stops to get his bearings, puts his head against the wall and closes his eyes just for a moment. A door sounds down the hall and he turns in the direction of the late comer. It is past curfew for those in the dorms, unless they were out at signings. He watches the members of Clockworks make their way down the hallway towards him and he mets them part way. He acknowledges the bows from the younger idols and goes over to talk to their leader. Their manager shakes his hand, agrees that he shouldn’t be driving himself anywhere so tired, and decides for all that the extra couch has Tong’s name written on it.
The taxi pulls up in front of the One Site Entertainment building for the second time in less than 24 hours. You pay the driver and grab your luggage while trying to finagle the door key from your bag. Items start falling down, you stop, bend down to get a better look in the bag and grab the key. This jet lag really needs to leave or you will be the biggest klutz on the planet. Your brain is obviously still asleep as you could barely carry on a conversation with the clerk at the hotel front desk. Making it through the doors and down the hall to the dorm wing without incident, was wonderful. Wow, this place is rather creepy when you're wandering the halls by yourself. Shaking off the crazy feeling, you place your bags in temporary lodging, grab your her cell phone, key, and head back down the hall.
Knowing that anyone coming to practice early would pass the first couple of rooms, you chose the second to last practice room. The lights come on immediately upon entering. Looking around at the mirrored walls, the benches with practice mats underneath, and the wall of equipment to get the music qued, brings back memories. Taking a deep breath, you head towards the equipment, slide your phone to the workout playlist and place it in the appointed slot. You don’t want to wake anyone up if there is a dorm above; even though the walls are sound proof, you aren’t quite so sure about the ceiling. Deciding it will be easier to exercise if you dim the lights and make it harder to see yourself in the mirrors. As the playlist starts and you begin to warm up to melodies by BTOB. It feels so weird to be doing group dances here in a practice studio. You aren't quite so sure what the groups would think if they could see you and you really hope that you're done and headed for the shower before anyone else comes to use the rooms.
Tong’s watch goes off at 5:30 am, alerting him that he is due to meet his group down in the practice area in the next 30 minutes. Couches leave kinks in your neck, no matter how comfortable. He stretches back and forth as he heads into the bathroom to splash cold water on his face and make himself somewhat presentable.
The hallway with the practice studio’s should be dark at this time of the morning; however, he notices a light coming out of a window towards the back of the hall. Curiosity leads him in that direction. The closer he gets, he notices the lights aren't on full power, they are dimmed which confuses him more. Who dances in the dark? Are they looking for an injury? He wonders if it is a rookie and determines he needs to school them on safety for themselves and any other members of their group that would be with them. Coming upon the window he sees a lone figure dancing in the semi-dark room. He can’t hear the music, but he can feel the beat of the bass, and is suddenly transfixed. The dance looks familiar, but then it changes to a new song and so do the dance moves. He notices the figure is female; decides it would not be a good idea to confront her. Something as innocent as giving advice can create a career breaking scandal just by the two of them being in a practice room alone in the early morning hours.
He hears voices coming around the corner; takes one last look in the practice room, and heads to join his group.
Sweat covers your sports bra, tank top, and bike shorts. You probably even got some on the hardwood flooring. Locating the closet with the cleaning supplies, you run the dry mop over the front of the room where you had been exercising. Wiping your face on the towel, you grab your cell phone, and reset the amplifier as you head out the door to the dorms. As suspected, a light is on in one of the first practice rooms. Not wanting to be seen you take a quick glance in the room as you pass. One of the older guy groups; interesting what they practiced in. You never found dancing in tight jeans to be comfortable; however, it didn’t appear that they had a problem at all. You smile at the sight it creates, thank the Lord for the inventor of blue jeans and continue down the hall.
Yes please! And we're getting closer to each other. Can't wait for the collision!
Mmmmmm love those jeans!!!
yes, gotta love those jeans.