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Art done by RAWRRXXWIZZ❤

As sad as the art is.... I kind of wish this kind of thing would happen to Juvia... Just so that Gray can (like the ultimate realization!) realize just how important Juvia is for him❤ Of course Juvia would wake up! TuT I couldn't bear the thought of Juvia being gone!

You and I are on the same page! 😂 I always wanted the confession to be Juvia ALMOST sacrificing herself for him then Gray realizing that there is always someone sacrificing their self for him. Gray then tells Juvia that he can't lose her and that he loves her. THEN THEY MAKE BABIES!! 😲
I have high hopes for grays answer after the war is over! I hope nothing happens to them before it ends!
@Sharia 30 babies to be exact. 😂
@Sharia 🙌🙌🙌🙌YASSS! \TuT/ Omg I thought I was alone on this!
anxiously waiting for all this ship to be cannon soon
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