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Intertwined *VIXX FANFIC*


Not really much in my head that I feel is important to express to you lovely people haha so here's the next chapter You can find the full story on Wattpad but just a heads up that I haven't published it yet! *woops* username: DreamFighters story: Intertwined profile link: edit: oh and before i forget! the first card for this story with the preview is actually part one of the third chapter just so you know (why would she do that?) i know i know i am horrible at these things but i will learn from my mistakes! besides that...



I started back home taking the dense alleys. Despite not having the obvious appearance of a unique, I still get paranoid. The sun light hardly hit the floor, shadows swallowed the areas. Laundry lines scattered in diagonal levels across the sky touching from one apartment to the other draped with washed cloths. Old crumbling walls tick-tacked under the push of gravity. I know what your thinking, Although a shadowy alley way would be a shortcut, why take the risk? Sure we still have burglars, and thieves, and what not but they're not as scary as a unique in rogue. In the alleys, I feel safer from exposure of the City's Eyes. The City Eyes are another police force working for the government to try and seek out uniques: sometimes they would be in uniform and other times they would be disguised. Trust isn't used so easily because those who aren't in uniform can catch us more unexpectedly. Two weeks ago, I was at a park three miles from home eating my favorite foods and snacks leisurely without my siblings on my back. They were at school and my parents were at work. I was sitting alone on the bench when I had noticed a middle aged woman off into a distance. She was crouched near the pond that stretched a good size of the park and I watched in disbelief as she preformed magic. A witch. There was nothing outstanding of her physical appearance that would of easily labeled her as a unique so I would have never known if it wasn't for her magic.  The water sparkled and fog arose covering the water's surface and tinted to a dark purple and black. I had no idea what she was doing but it was a call for the end of her life.  At the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a young man, maybe in his twenties. I had noted his casual wear but he had a suspicious stance. Later I had realized he was one of the City's Eyes; his hand held an object at his hips and he crept ever so quietly. The poor woman was oblivious to what was going to happen to her.  I had felt paralyzed and watched in horror, like a lion pouncing on its prey, he managed to knock her unconscious and it was the last I saw the woman. At the time, I wanted to scream and help her escape but it would of been the end of the line for me instead. Because of that incident, I've felt more scared of the public.  There was a slight tickle to my heart- a sign letting me know that I was getting a message. I searched around until I found the clouds forming above me. It was from my mom.  " Mani, I need you to stop by the market to get some groceries for me while you're out." " How will I be able to pay? I didn't bring any money." " I slipped about one hundred dollars into your pocket when we hugged." I felt my pockets and found the wad of money. How did she- ooh that woman is sneaky.   " Did you find it" " Yes mom, I did. How can you be so sneaky?!" " I have my ways, besides, here's the list..."  I memorized the list before the clouds finally faded away and headed for route. It didn't take me long to arrive thanks to the luck of being near a market. Stands that held fresh vegetables and fruits stood in rows down the street. I had scanned the stands looking for the easier items, starting with fruits..                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  After nearly twenty minutes I had managed to buy all but one item... fish. Don't get me wrong, I like fish, but the smell always killed me. Their pungent smells always led me to steer clear of where they were being sold. I arrived further down the street to the harbor where all the fish stands took place. There were all kinds of fishes and other animals I've never seen. Mother specifically asked for swordfish. Of all fish she wanted, she chose the hardest one to get and the most expensive... I thought.  Most fish stands sold clams, all kinds of salmon, the usual. No.....Not it.....Nope..... I found i- wait, that's not it...sigh.   It took a good amount of time to finally find someone who sold swordfish. A kind-looking vendor flashed me a warm smile. " Hello there young lady. Looking to buy some o' me fish?" He glowed.  " Yes I am." I smiled.  " Well you came to the right place kid, I sell the best fish 'ere! Freshest catch o' the day, in the best parts o' the bay!" He jingled. I giggled at the rhyme. Nice way to keep the customer's interest.  "I  would like to buy a pound of  swordfish meat, sir." " One pound o' swordfish!" He shouted to himself. He pulled out a butcher knife from his apron, even though there were no pockets-and he took to cutting. Seems like a nice guy. Finally, he bagged the meat after weighing it. "That will be a good 'ol 32 for ya lass."  "32?!" I choked. " What? Can't afford me fish?" His warm look hardened. One eye squinted and his opened eye stared down at me with an anxious flare.  I pulled out what was left and only counted five dollars. Great. I stiffed an awkward laugh, "Um, any way I can have a discount?"  "No!" He roared, " No money, no fish!"  "But-" "Leave!" He shouted.  "Goodness, I take back about him being nice," I mumbled. " What did you say?!" He screamed.  I darted down the road into the docks to avoid physical confrontation. Gosh! Looks like I'm not gonna be able to get the fish.. I'm sure mom wouldn't mind. I placed all the grocery bags aside and sat at the edge of the concrete. My feet dangled over the water which flowed smoothly just about a foot away from my toes. Its a nice day at least. The water was dark but still clear enough to get a sight of what was under water. A small group of fish swam aimlessly in circles, and the seaweed danced rhythmically in every direction. Darts of shiny rocks would shine and glow in the water as the sun would hit the right angles and faces. The sound of the water crashing towards the concrete I sat on and the thunk of the anchored boats hitting the wood of the pier was calming. I could sit here for the rest of the day. I looked deeper in the water and noticed a massive collection of glittering scales; its size was too big to be a normal fish. Mermaid? Merman? No... A black blob was covering the spot where the torso should be, only the tail was noticeable. What is it? I leaned loser to the water to get a better look, never have I seen this before. Suddenly a pale line popped out of the side of the blob. I watched in awe as the mysterious thing floated closer to the surface; the pale line was an arm. Goodness gracious, I've no clue what this thing is yet I feel like it should be something I know. It could probably be some merperson in disguise- IT MOST LIKELY IS A MERPERSON IN DISGUISE. I had never met a merperson before..... - yeah yeah I live near the ocean "how have you not met a mermaid or merman before if you live near the ocean?"  THEY HARDLY EVER VISIT THE LAND THAT'S WHY! I noted the details of the arm: small tint of green and aqua patches all over the skin, little glitters here and there. A deep green mush vined between the fingers and roped down the pale limb; my eyes trailed the mush then I stopped at the elbow. Beneath the popping ball of the elbow, a black ink mark with blade thin edges cut around. I wasn't able to distinguish what exactly the mark made but I also kept note of the mole that sat between two of the blades. "It has to be a merperson, I mean what else lives in the ocean?" I began to babble to myself, " I mean, there's sirens but they live farther into the ocean near the -" I was so deep into my own thoughts, I hadn't realized the hand grasped my ankle and dragged me under water.
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