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He laughs,”Of course she loves me, I love her; we’re best friends. I would be hurt if she did not.”
The members all look at each other and then back at him.
“Nothing. If you can’t see what’s in front of your face, far be it from us to show you. Just saying, I wouldn’t mind a piece of that.”
“Ayy, stop talking about her like that.”
“You’ve never thought about her like that?”
“I didn’t say that. I said we’re best friends. Sometimes you have to push feelings aside to keep a good thing you know?”
Heads shake around the room, “You’re denying yourself for no reason is all we’re saying man. You should at least push a little and see if you get a response.”
Before he can respond, you and his other member come back into the room laughing, his arm thrown around you. All eyes go to the two of you then back over to gage his response. He tenses up a little bit but smiles and asks politely,
“Share the joke. Things are getting too serious in here.”
“Your friend has quite the sense of humor,” the member starts as he leans down to you and smiles. “How old did you say she was again? She doesn’t act like an old woman.”
You smile sweetly and jab him in the ribs with your elbow.
“Backwards compliment though it is, I’ll accept it, but I am far too old for any of you watch yourself.”
You turn and address [HN], smile still in place but with a bit of sadness in your eyes. Nothing like a room full of hot mid twenty year olds to remind you that you are too old for the one that you love.
“Fred said he’ll still take me out to grab some things, you’re good? Do you need me to grab anything?”
[HN] stands and comes towards you, “I thought we were all going?”
You cup the side of his face, “You have company. I’m a big girl and Fred will be with me. So, nothing you forgot?”
“Go to dinner with us, you don’t have to be by yourself.”
You laugh, “I’m okay, really. Go enjoy your brothers, I’ll see you later.”
She’s doubting herself again. He hates it when she does that; can’t she see how wonderful she is? How much he needs her and loves her? When they first met and he found out she was a fan, he thought for sure she was a stalker. However, since it was Fred that had introduced you; he told you later that he had vetted her thoroughly before bringing her anywhere near him. He had shown him pictures of art work she had done, using his music as a muse. He was so touched and amazed that it would inspire such things, that he decided to give her a chance. He’s never regretted it.
He found out that she worked out at the same gym but at a different time, so he adjusted his schedule so they could start working out together. He then had his body guard bring her on some of their outings to see how she meshed with the staff. Everyone loved her; she made friends instantly with all of them. Some had nicknamed her the ‘mom’ of the group and all went to her for advice and help with problems. Yes, she was overweight when they first met but seemed to lose it quite quickly after he had one of the trainers get her on a meal plan she could easily handle. The main point was getting her to eat, she would forget, much like himself; but her body gained weight when she didn’t eat, where his lost
Were the guys right? Could he approach her about moving their relationship to the next level or would it ruin everything they already had? He’d rather have her as she was, a best friend, than lose her forever. Did she really think he was too young for her? Knowing her she probably thought she wasn’t good enough for him, that he would think she was too old for him. Should he take the chance?
When he saw her walk in with his brother; his heart clenched, and a pain shot through his chest. I can’t even handle seeing her with one of the guys, what am I going to do? He saw the sadness in her eyes as she told him she was leaving to continue with their original plans with Fred. He wanted to tell the guys to leave and go to dinner without him; however, he knew she was right; he needed time with his group. They were starting rehearsals for their new album soon, the more time he spent with them, the more seamless their performance would be. It took everything he had to let her walk out the door with Fred and not go after them.
Such a hard position to be in. I'm not that brave but maybe he is...
but Bae... still don't have a solid character chosen but JinYoung and GOT7 worked for this chapter... YoungJae was the one that Said Man lol and Mark and Jackson were egging on about going for it while Bammie was the one I was hanging out with while painting.. it worked really well.. the next might be a different group.. a little bit in this one I was thinking maybe BLOCKB or INFINITE..