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My dear readers I am sad to announce the end of some of my fanfictions.....
DREAMS WILL OFFICIALLY COME TO AN END!!!!!! ........ I am very sorry for my readers but the reason is that I am caught up in so many fanfictions because my brain just won't stop thinking of ideas. I have struggled to continue it because of I've been going places and thinking of the right plot to use.
OUR STRANGE STARES WILL NOT BE CONTINUED!!!!!! ......... due to the lack of concentration I've been having I kind of forgot that I even made that fanfiction. I know many of you requested for me to continue it but as I said before I have fanfictions to finish that I really want to finish.
Unfortunatly those are the only fanfictions I didn't finish but I also didn't finish STARS but I already stopped continued it. Again I am very sorry guys
but hey if you need someone to help you out with stuff you got your TwistedPuppy to be here
hey you do you if you feel like you want to end a story go for it but always make sure it's really something you want to do because sometimes the story come back to hunt you like my bobbys ND bi story that shiz gave me writer block lol now I have to remake the part 15 and I seriously feel like I could write again lol