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You sometimes forget that most of the main characters of Bleach are high schoolers, and I kind of wish that they had done more with that... I mean, I get that they're dealing with bigger life or death stuff, but I would have liked to see more of them juggling shinigami-type stuff with their normal lives, even if it's just Kon time! Anyway, I think this may be my favorite anime of high school characters!

Honorable Mentions

I tend to watch more fantasy-type stuff where high school isn't really a thing, but here are a few more high school-y anime that I love!

Blue Exorcist

I'm not really sure whether the exorcist cram school is actually a high school, but I think it counts! Gotta rewatch/read this one, especially with the new season coming out!


Like Bleach, this one has kind of pulled away from Raira, but there is a lot more going on and a lot more players than Mikado, Masaomi, and Anri; they're just kind of the center of everything, or close to it. I still kinda wish school would come up more every now and again while these three are all caught up with gang wars and stuff...

Ouran High School Host Club

I almost featured Ouran up top, but I feel like I've been talking about it a lot lately! I think I'm getting a craving; I feel a binge coming on!
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The irregulars at the magic high school
@KiNg4LiFe I was going to say something else, but yea they are probably my favorite.
@KiNg4LiFe I'll have to check that out!